Chinese ambassador-at-large: Politics solves Syrian problem to should avoid its to break up

Teheran of Xinhua News Agency on July 22 report (Mu Dong of reporter Ma Xiao) Jie Xiaoyan of ambassador

-at-large of problem of Chinese government Syria expresses 22 days, hold to politics t

o solve Syrian problem to must avoid Syrian dissension.

Jie Xiaoyan says, in him mediate process is medium recently, syria and Iran广西建筑木模板前十名名称ian government all emphasize, syrian problem process is solved in politics in, dominion independence of Syria and territorial integrity must get maintenance, any measure must be helpful for achieving this one goal. Want to take effective measures, prevent Syrian dissension. Self-identity just expresses to this in.

Jie Xiaoyan will visit Iran to 23 days on July 20, hold a talk with Iranian government official and expert scholar, compare notes with respect to Syrian problem. Iran is an area important country, there is distinctive force on Syrian problem. He says.

Jie Xiaoyan says, china holds to politics to solve Syrian problem from beginning to end, this 建筑腹膜板公司one f建筑模板的厂家ooting never is changed, appraise Yi two countries also thinks, syrian problem must the way that also can take politics to solve only. Also want to consider relevant issue as a whole at the same time, that is political negotiation, cease-fire, h临沂珑坤木业有限公司umane the crisis and fear instead.

Creating division of strong light class is the near future the gain with the can most significant dialog of A Sida accept, jie Xiaoyan says, this report gives international society to begin to accept act alleviation condition, cut opposition arms with extreme force, push the new thinking that politics solves, new measure.

In alleviate respect of crisis of Syrian churchyard humanitarian, jie Xiaoyan say金盾木业有限公司s, oneself contribution just was made in, already carried all sorts of channel, offerred value to Syria with a variety of means the humanitarian aid of 680 million yuan of RMB.

About fearing a problem instead, jie Xiaoyan say建筑模板多少钱一张s, syrian blow organizes the battle playing card of Mohammedan country to already entered phase of encircle a city extremely. China also is terroristic fall victim country, what China opposes all for

ms is terroristic. International society should form resultant force, eliminate horrible force in place.

Jie Xiaoyan emphas是什么建筑模板izes, about Syrian futur高层建筑专用模板e, include leader to stay, governmental composition, make the issue such as constitution, 工程模板should by the Syrian civilian own decision, should believe a Syrian civilian the problem that can have solved oneself. Any outside force just object forci山东鲁信建筑材料有限公司ng in any exterior plan, do not go be in charge of should not be in charge of, the job that also cannot provide.

Responsibility edits: Ji Wei dimension

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