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Login register Zenlick of text of news of international of center of news o中建新型模板研f the network austral Fujian: Is Take-Two being mixed development business people negotiate make: of origin of your work of much money 3A? Midge Jian strong?2017-07木工模板-24 20:08 Http://www.mnw.cn/

Take-Two also is in game industry quite distinctive, they are in Euramerican area appear on the market game company is medium a row the 去哪买建筑模板3rd, the respect is issu

ed to value amount of quality and rather than more in game, its CEO ever was made public critically spend policy of special purchases for the Spring Festival. Players af

firm to the quality policy of Take-Two is to comparative gay, nevertheless this also is meant besides NBA 2K and WWE, 临沂商城保森化工经营部we do not see the 3A that manufactures to a Take-Two blows hard one year. Good news is, company CEO expressed to develop business independently recently people making " a few work " , and they are 3A your work.

Zenlick expresses in interview: "Our at hand has a few work, the group of Michael Worosz is in and develop business independently people undertake developing, aim to make 3A your work. We what did not say, because what still do not have at present,be good saying word. At present they are among development, we can tell you the subject matter of these game and time of put on sale in the future. We can tell you the subject matter of these game and time of put on sale in the future..

Interesting is, zelnick first time alludes this " independent project " still get restrospect to of July 2016 to interview, he states this project had moved to be close to one year at that time.

That is to say, till today of this Take Two " independent project " had had工程模板 time two years, outside intermediary Wccftech is conjectural, expect to a few messages are announced to do not have what problem it seems that on the Gamescom this year, consider Take-Two again heavy to get临沂金鹏木业建筑模板厂 air, the eventually on the E3 of next year also should reveal us to look. As to home where saying " independent development business " be in and Take-Two cooperates, at pre优质建筑模板价格ATsent our even unknown.

Although not famous avoid as taboo, do not cross this " independent development business " possible meeting becomes afterwards " 2K " , " R star " besides the brand below the 3rd banner of Take Two, those who make us collective expect they manufacture is new make.

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