The contest of wall street: Market prise drives Magenshidanli exceed Gao Cheng

Hardship walks out of the Magenshidanli that financial crisis affects to change cent混凝土模板价格KJre of gravity to the more smooth business such as conduct financial transactions, and systole secures profit trade branch, already slowly pull up to Gao Che施工模板BPng.

According to abroad media coverage, up to this Zhou Yi 杭州建筑模板公司closing quotation, magenshidanli's market prise is eighty-six billion four hundred常用建筑模板及规格AF and three million dollar, exceed eighty-five billion eight hundred and建筑施工模板KT eighty-two million dollar of Gao Cheng, will 10 years surmount Gao Cheng on market prise first.

Last week, the 2 quarters profit that Magenshidanli announces and each battalion closes to all exceed wall street to anticipate, among them the profit before tax of money management business rises greatly 25% , for the optimal expression that comes nearly 3 years; Trade although business income drops compared to the same period 2% , suc

cessive however the Gao Cheng with more miserable performa

nce of conquer of the 2nd quarter; Firm receives business income is to soar compared to the same period more 36% , turn up one's nose at 覆膜门板厂EFwall street a large number of heroes. In addition, interest of 2 quarters group will increase Magenshidanli to every 0.25 dollars, at most the share of 5 billion dollar counter-purchases a plan to will be in finished before 2 quarters 2018.

Watch Gao Cheng instead, newspaper of 2 quarters money achieved this however " trading king " the poorest performance that comes 10 years, when season FICC (firm closes, money and heavy goods) trade income falls comp东莞建筑模板公司ared to the same period 40% , stock and bond trade first half of the year income falls greatly 10% , especially the performance of the poorest quarter since heavy goods business achieves Gao Cheng to appear on the market oneself, cause tall Cheng Wei to whether still will continue stand fast heavy goods the doubt of this one position. It is reported, gao Cheng is already right open of heavy goods branch interior is informal examine, hope 大模板尺寸标准APhave the aid of is examined, to the development of heavy goods branch foreground makes better program.

After financial crisis, global heavy goods trades atrophy is superintended with all sorts of severity, make cast step forward in heavy goods domain all right dimension difficult, include bank of volition of Magenshidanli, Magendaton清水模板g, heart, Bakelai bank inside numerous and top class cast contract considerably already all right this year, quited heavy goods professional work c临沂金鹏木业建筑模板厂ompletely even.

Come for years, gao Cheng is wall street company all the time the object to mark. Market data shows, gao Cheng's market prise gave about 50 billion dollar than Magenshidanliduo 2009, show two drop six to one of travel social status. Gao Cheng is wall street exclusive the thumb that stand erect of 140 old histories does not pour classics of an al

l previous, although the financial crisis 2008 also fails,hit its. The last few years, multinomial business battalion of Gao Cheng closes to glide considerably however, part even not enemy wall street is other person of the same trade.

Magenshidanli is pressed exorbitant fill, become new " the king of wall street " what is recipe? To Magenshidanli, denounce endowment bought division of beautiful flag group to issue beautiful country to join easy intermediary and department of conduct financial transactions 2009 is a main turning point, this picket trades let Magenshidanli be in of financial industry trade intermediary and conduct financial transactions held lead position in edition piece. Tend by right of conduct financial transactions and asset management business stable, magenshidanli receives prospective market easily to fluctuate it seems that. (Wu Jiaming)

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