Data investigation: Scale of home of Brazilian hand amuse oneself rises the female is brunt

In new network report will sign up for net柯升达木业有限公司work coverage according to South-American live abroad on July 26, the big data that business of shift of Brazilian mobile phone had recently investigates an analysis to point out, in Brazil, the proportion that use mobile phone plays game on the website is higher and higher.

Findings shows, 2016 arrive between 2017, the scale that player模板报价单BJ of mob新型 建筑模板生产厂家KJile phone game takes a pl建筑模板厂家位置ayer by 65% r贵港建筑模板公司ise 70% , and the player scale of computer game appeared to glide.

2016, 71% what home of woman hand amuse oneself takes home of all hand amuse oneself, and the player has occupie

d game of female mobile phone to swim in one's hand now the 80% above of player gross.

The report says, although woman player is in,the scale in mobile phone player rises somewhat, but will look from whole, woman player still is belonged to " cherish species " . According to investigation, average in player of every 10 Brazil, only 2 players are a female, major game player still is the male.

Investigation points out,

in all game player, the 18 player河北廊坊木模板厂家 proportion that reach 3生产建筑模板价格BX4 years old are achieved 73% . The reason that the player goes to playing game is multifarious. The person of 64% states he plays game to just w新松模板股份有限公司SFant to experience the feeling of every game; The person of 54% expresses to play game also is to see the pressure that brings his except the life; The pe恒嵘轩木业有限公司rson of 48% expresses to hope to be able to play game game; The person of 47% thinks, play game while communicating with other 胶合板厂家DWplayer also is very interesting th


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