Because several Turkey soldiers are suspected of mistreating Syrian refugee to be arrested

Xinhua News Agency installs card to pull on July 31 report (reporter Qin Yan is foreign) the head建筑红模板生产厂AEquarters of the General Staff of Turkey armed forces will release statement to say on Jul工程施工模板y 31, several Turkey soldiers that are suspected of mistreating Syrian refugee already were arrested and accept judicatory inves附近建筑模板批发市场地址BVtigation.

According to Turkey news agency of A Na much12厘模板多少张一件KD Lu reports, on July 28, the earthy appraise border land that saves 求购工程复模板多少钱一块LKin Tunabuhadayi, the soldier

seizes 4 to try in patrol illegal cross the boundary 附近哪有哪些建筑模板厂illegally enters Osmanli Syria refugee.建筑设计报价函格式模板 Report, refugee of a few Syria already by renvoi, 4 Turkey soldiers are accused to mistreat the refugee.

Local media still reports, in this incident, a Turkey soldier sends next video with the mobile phone, send video the contact that goes to Germany thro

ugh instant communication software. In video, turkey soldier surrounds 4 Syrians cuff and kick. Video travels extensively on gregarious media subsequently and cause sharp criticism.

The word of army of media cite Turkey reports, the sold祥石木业有限公司ier mistreated the behavior of the refugee intentionally to damage Turkey army image, the army will undertake i高唐县茂源木业有限公司nvestigating to this.

Original title: Because several Turkey soldiers

are鑫锐兴盛木业有限公司 suspected of mistreating Syrian refugee to be arrested responsibility edits: Ceng Shaolin

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