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According to England " lens signs up for " will report on May 23, come from in British Sa the Xie En of teenager of 15 years old of talents of fertile gold city holds county in the palm Mass has preterhuman memory and compose talent, next music that oneself hear are written down with cerebrum while he is playing electronic game. He will be in on the musical division of the BBC the odeum spot show that holds 700 people.

Thank Entuomasi

The Xie En that is called small Mozart will be in 3 for its spot show conformity adapts composition inside week. This young pianist can release first pieces of his classic special at the same time, the composition of this special is he is since 8 years old in brains made-up. He says he likes a challenge, and the orchestral music group that is 45 people makes a symphony is up to now the most difficult issue that he encounters. He can be in brains first compose is recorded next come down. He has begun to arrange symphonic different canto in atelier now.

When 7 years old, be in and father for many times after deal with, if Xieen wishs to get a piano. Because he crosses the competence that ear does not forget, family invited pianist manage to check card of De Gefen Lai to become an adviser for its. Rise in those days, he also is taken make with Mozart of Austrian talent musician quite. Nowadays, first p

ieces of his special will sell on June 1.

Kelaidu weighs the father that occupies Xie En 51 years old, thank favour classics regular meeting to give wonderful music in the chart in the dream, and still can at the same time give attention to two or morethings many things. Bulaiduxi hopes Xie En can prove his actual strength to the whole world. And Xie En's special is OK also book ahead of schedu

le on the website, its individual show and Xie En hold Mass in the palm to spend fine night to also will be in in all the new Victoria theater of fertile gold city will be held on June 27.

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