Reactor of on fire of nuclear power plant of city of American new York is urgent close stop

City of American new York imprints the nuclear power plant that install part a transformer 9 days of abrupt on fire, bring about nuclear power plant 3 reactor are urgent close stop. Business of operation of n

uclear power plant and nuclear safety superintend orgnaization official to say, at present conflagration has been put out, get hurt without personnel. Outside dividing 3 reactor, other unit movement stabilizes nuclear power plant.

Horny nuclear power plant is apart from Yindian Newyork city is northern 60 much kilometers, be located in haing De Sunhe east bank. A spokesman says police station of new York city, they receive several 9 days to call the police phone, claim to hear direction of nuclear power plant to come out tremendous noise.

Imprint Jielinapi of spokesman of group of electric power of favour spy auspicious confirms trade of operation of the nuclear power plant that install part subseq

uently, reactor of space nuclear power station a transformer of 100 meters of above 9 days of on fire, spark 3 reactor are urgent close stop. Nevertheless, the liner spray that conflagration is taken very quickly oneself by transformer and spot staff member are put out, not was opposite employee of aircrew, nuclear power plant and around dweller constitutes menace. According to Xinhua News Agency


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