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Time of American the eastpart part on June 26, 2015, the United States announces the homosexual is lawful! American the White House is pushed turn rainbow into the mark completely with head portrait of net of facial book official especially, aobama publishs opinion on public affairs to say we can be without conditional the earth's surface to show eventually now, we make the United States is close to more again perfect, love Just Won. It is almost for a short while, the netizen sends small gain to say: American federal supreme court admitted to Confucianism cites in the court decision of sa

me sex marriage, in order to proves the value of marital system. Accept Buddhist nun? Observer net inquires the majority of Kennedy old judge adjudicates opinion book discovers, cite as expected " Th

e Book of Rites faints justice " in a paragraph, the graph has the real situation:

Webpage cut pursues

Adjudicate part of opinion book begin, namely in the 8th page, such writing of a paragraph of English: Confucius Taught That Marriage Lies At The Foundation Of Government.2 Li Chi: Book Of Rites 266. Frontal Confucius is taught say, marriage is the basis of regime. " The Book of Rites faints justice " be cited by adjudicative opinion book really unexpectedly, lachrymal collapse ~

Aobama hallooes: Love conquer everything! But still have the divine secondary attack that comes from old man of Chinese ancient time actually? The American when remembering Nanhai builds an island says storm water, want to be less than, therefore people research China traditional culture is so thorough.

American scholar Sam Crane is obsessed with philosophy of Chinese ancient time, ever published " Life, liberty, and The Pursuit Of Dao: Ancient Chinese Thought In Modern American Life " one book, allude Chinese Confucianist and Taoist school how marriage of look upon same sex.

Book cover

He thinks, confucianist ethics may accept same sex marriage, because it is more,pay close attention to marriage and not be attention sex. Two people make public acceptance to fulfil commitment in daily life next, accord with the concept of Confucianist be apt to completely. As to Taoist school, they may care about same sex or opposite sex marriage far from, there is the idea of yin and yang in the thought of Taoist school, but yin and yang must not want to appear with onefold sexual distinction, because of us everybody contains the element that has the two opposing principles in nature.

Be astonished!

Kennedy old judge this cites Confucius is back up of same sex marriage, it is cite the classics, be still draw a forced analogy? " The Book of Rites " say: Ceremony, its politics this with! In " sad fair ask " in the chapter, rash sad fair ask politics at Confucius, speak of faint greatly ceremony: Gu Zhi is politics, the sweetheart is big; Treat a sweetheart so, the ceremony is big; Order a gift so, respect for big; Jing Zhi comes, faint greatly for big. Faint greatly come! Faint to come already greatly, crown and greet in person.

So marriage is the basis of regime, be this meaning?

Just, confucius ever still had said so: Faint ceremony person, good what combine 2 last names, go up with thing ancestral temple, and below with afterwards later ages also. Reason gentleman is heavy. The men and women has not after that the couple has justice, the couple has justice after that father and son has close, father and son has close after that Jun Chen has. Friend says: Faint ceremony person, of the ceremony this also.

In Chinese understanding, although Confucius is errant the various states 14 years, family name of wife Qi official did not travel together along with him, but Confucius marries 19 years old, 20 years old had a son, connubiality also takes seriously very much in its opinion on public affairs, inspect its human relations only then, for politics this.

" divinatory symbols of easy a type of local school in ancient times " in the footnote that one paragraph can inspect Confucius marriage thought: Have everythings on earth one day next, everythings on earth has a men and women next, the men and women has a couple next, the couple has father and son next, father and son has Jun Chen next, official having gentleman has fluctuation next, have fluctuation next ceremony justice somewhat wrong, connubial path is not OK before long also, reason suffers with constant, constant person long also.

As expected, the court verdict of American supreme court writes then: Ought to honest and point out necessarily, these (to the ancients) citing is to be based on marriage over the understanding that is the union between the couple (It Is Fair And Necessary To Say These References Were Based On The Understanding That Marriage Is A Union Between Two Persons Of The Opposite Sex. )

Old judge Kennedy

Fine fine leaf through, the judgment of American judge besides cite Confucius logion, still have the speech of the person such as Xisailuo, Tuokeweier, mix in order to prove marriage to the society the importance of order, it is to explain the United States supports same sex marriage to be not legally it seems that affected dilettante. But notable is, the view of these wise men is cited in adjudicating opinion book, but the materiality content that all did not make a court decision. (civil / observer gateway article is smooth)

Aobama: Love conquer everything


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