Korea police arrests more than 10 " only hole " the Chinese is illegal plastic intermediary

In report will occupy new network on May 26 coverage of network of Chinese of Korea Asia economy, korea police is large-scale a few days ago seize intermediary of a batch of illegal plastics, these illegal intermediary are an object with Chinese tourist, plastic surgery is accepted in Korea for its and pull wires builds the bridge, gain illegal profit from which.

Inspect clue weight, police arrested more than 10 illegal intermediary, was engaged in illegal face-lifting intermediary falling to prohibit leaving the country to more than 100 your.

The message that occupies police 26 days, head Er western local court arrested the intermediary of more than 10 illegal plastics such as Jin Mou a few days ago, these illegal intermediary face the Chinese to

urist that goes to Han to have plastic, introduce them to was not registered in medical establishment, the plastic hospital that does not have aptitude, from which collection intermediary charge.

Police expresses, 2013 1-4 month, the plastic hospital that Jin Mou gives an and other places of Er Changjiang Delta the division introduction of tourist of many 50 China, gain profit from which 260 million Han Yuan (add up to a RMB about 1.47 million yuan of) . The other and illegal intermediary that is arrested together also gains profit from which through same measure Han Yuan of several ten million comes count Han Yuan. Many 100 plastic intermediary that is suspected of attracting Chinese customer illegally also is in the punishment that leaves the country in order to prohibit.

According to Korea " medical treatment law " regulation, the action that gives medical treatment in order to seek profits the structure patient introduction for the purpose is thought illegal. This law undertook editing 2009, add newly when attracting the foreign patient that did not join national health to be sure, must undertake declaring this one regulation to medical establishment.

Police says, illegal plastics intermediary is in ask a price of all over the sky when soliciting Chinese client, g

et illegal benefit from which, cause person to harm to the client, police is opposite the plastic hospital that Changjiang Delta takes an Er undertakes ransacking, have the illegal medium that is arrested to this as soon as possible trial.

In recent years, the Chinese tourist year after year that attends Han to accept plastic surgery grows, but good and evil people mixed up of Korea face-lifting market, illegal intermediary is rampant, the frequency of unskillful and faulty medical or surgical treatment that Chinese tourist encounters in Han is sent, this brings scar to the tourist's body and mind not only, more technology of influence Korea plastics is in the fame of international society. Because this police will increase the blow strength of pair of illegal plastics intermediary henceforth, to the face-lifting orgnaization of deregulation, also will give severe punishment. (King sea accept)


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