Indonesian western produce 6.1 class earthquake to still report without personal casualty

Xinhua net Jakarta on May 16 electric Indonesia western Ming Gulu saves 16 days of before dawn happening 6. 1 class earthquake, the government still is in assess local damage situation, still do not have personal casualty and belongings loss report at present.

Aliyimulan tells Indonesian atmosphere, climate and official of earthly physics bureau the reporter, this earthquake happens local time before dawn 3 when 26 minutes (Beijing time 4 when 26 minutes) , the epicenter is located in north 50 kilometers are in northeast of Ming Gulu county terrestrial, focus deepness is 165 kilometers.

Indonesian Su Tuo wave tells controller of the arrange that decrease calamity the reporter, ming Gulu county has north continuously the 2 intense shake feeling to 3 seconds, authorities still assesses seismic impact in the analysis.


Occupy message of bureau of American geological exploration additionally, this second earthquake is 5. 8 class, focus deepness 149. 9 kilometers.

Indonesian be located in belt of earthquake of annulus Pacific Ocean, produce an earthq

uake every year on 1000 cases.


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