Imprint cling to partial area shows heat wave of 50 degrees of high temperature to already sent hundreds person to die

According to Taiwan central company will report on May 26, with the Pakistan south of Indian vicinity letter heart saves high temperature to amount to centigrade 49, 50 degrees, yadafu of director of Indian atmosphere bureau points out, as a result of thermal convection current, the north of insufflate fighting heat that west wind carries local pole imprints, bring about at present most of sweep anything away heat wave situation of India is more grim.

According to the report, show up to 25 days of late newest statistic, this heat wave already pulled province of province, Ghana of peaceful human relations to be caused respectively in Na Yinan heart 551, 199 people die, and east Yinaolisa is saved and Xi Mengjia helps a nation the province shares 36 people get killed.

The India May appears heat wave is not news. But " Indian times " (Yadafu of director of bureau of gas of India of TheTimesofIndia)26 day quote (B.P.Yadav) points out, high temperature of letter heart province already was amounted to centigrade 49, 50 degrees, as a result of thermal convection current, west wind blew dry heat of the extreme.

According to the report, pakistan letter heart saves Gukeb

abade prefectural high temperature 49 degrees, the Nawabusha that saves together A (Nawabshah) high temperature also is amounted to 48 reach 50 degrees.

The report points out, high temperature of 25 days of days in heart 45.5 degrees, it is to even more 10 years to come in May the 2nd high high temperature. The weather system of high temperature affects major north to imprint

continuously area.

Weather official says, rainfall alleviates before circumstances, extreme weather condition still can last 3 days.


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