Han intermediary: Korea is main orgnaization official net appears break down the reason is unidentified

Han couplet company observes discovery, up to 10 days in the morning 10 when make 30 minutes, include body of Korea labor party to declare " labor news " , net of main orgnaization official all cannot browse the Korea such as multiversity of the company in face, Jin Richeng. These websites use.kp of Korea government domain name.

According to Han Lian company website will report on August 10, the Korea that did not use this domain name publicizes a website to Han can browse normally between our nation. Korea is main orgnaiza

tion official net appears the phenomenon that break down end also will appeared last year in December, appear this

again reason of this kind of circumstance is unidentified.

Korea information is changed revitalize courtyard respect to express, this kind of phenomenon is server network occurrence problem, if the website is in,the word that 24 hours of less than are able to recover from an illness should be undertaking regular maintenance, if last 24 hours above is probable it is to have other issue.


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