Fighting capacity of ancestor of new cockroach of German scientist discovery explodes watch

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Above all small make up should say, just took the happy hour of the meal in this, should deliver this news I refuse.

But to go after science, popular science knows newly, be close to nature, we will know this prehistoric cockroach to be planted newly.

German researcher Ziggi Ellenberger is in Burmese those who disentomb is amber in found this kind to catch feeding habits cockroach. It name Manipulator Modificaputis, th

e life is in about before 1000000

00. Must say small strong regard vitality as the most tenacious animal, solid return to the name, too went all out.

It grows so that mix the cockroach nowadays is not very picture, resemble big midge instead, the mixture body of mantis and cockroach. Slick triangular head, big eye, grow a neck, narrow body narrow wing, long leg grows mouthparts, the top of head is long still have one cross-eye eyeball, growing to a centimeter is the good hand that takes prey however.

At the beginning scientists think this is mantis, dan Jingde country discovers the fact is not after appraisal of scientist Peter Vr Ansk such. I see the first times its, feeling is a new species.

Scientists still are maintained, it preys in night.

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