FBI explore member shoot dead a doubt to be like terrorist

According to Singapore " associated morning paper " will report on June 3, FBI (a doubt of FBI)24 hour monitoring is like terrorist, in Boston outside of a medicine meets with 2 days local time explore member shoot dead. Police expresses, fuzz of this man face and explore member brandish bolo, life of the member that let spy is browbeaten, shoot dead accordingly.

According to the report, FBI rejects to comment on suspect Wusamalaximu (incident of experience of Usaama Rahim) place, confirm they were not arrested only your, also arrest innocently formerly. Ai Mosi of Bostonian police chief (William Evans) says, information meets with related element of fear of lest of black Sa Ma order circularly the arrest of a criminal at large, but the report that rejects to comment on media to say Wusama suffers an extreme to the element is affected and become radical in Syria.

Ai Mosi says: We think he is minatory. We notice he has paragraph of time. Ai Mosi expresses, mak

e an appointment with 2 days morning 7 when make, fuzz and FBI explore member approach when Wusama, abrupt face about of black Sa Ma shines black bolo, mix toward the police officer explore member attack. Fuzz has not pulled out at that time weapon.

Ai Mosi expresses, police officer and explore member in the future is retreated, disarm of the much more les

s important Sa Ma that beg black meets with after refus, unplug the gun shoots dead him, the two guns in body of black Sa Ma, in the middle of one gun truncal, another gun hits abdomen. Ai Mosi says, whole process monitors video recorders is patted, also have witness aside. Life of two police officers is browbeaten, and pull out weapon.

But cloth of Yi of afterbirth elder brother pulls Xin Laxi Mu (Ibrahim Rahim) says however, the little brother is in the morning when waiting for fair car to go to work, was opened from backside by fuzz 3 guns.


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