Enlighten do obeisance to beach female frequency to pat police deploy civilian clothes to strengthen secretly by patrol

Report will occupy xinhua net Beijing on August 26 end of client of Xin Huaguo border reports Xinhua News Agency, british media reports 25 days, enlighten do obeisance to police to receive female tourist to complain ceaselessly of late, these females complain say, oneself are stolen always when the sunbathe on beach to pat by new man. For this, enlighten the safety that does obeisance to police to decide to enhance beach to go up patrols measure.

According to England " daily Post " report, these females to police complain show, a few men without allowing, use smartphone films the tourist on beach; Police confirms, truly more and more men take a visitor secretly on beach, they often in order to film high-rise or seascape cover.


from 29 years old of Philippine women to block Siteluo to say, oneself are located in Zhu Mai to pull the beach on palmy island normally. We come off work to arrive later here, a few men (secretly) pat us to let when me (among them) when one person deletes a photograph, he says he just took my side, I tell her this is my privacy, he must stop such doing.

Report, enlighten do obeisance to police to take action secretly to answer already police of deploy civilian clothes patrols, photograph video resembling a head to confirm suspect identity through examining. If pat behavior to be maintained secretly, the person that pat secretly will is in the penalty with amerce, imprisonment or renvoi.

Enlighten do obeisance to police to emphasize, execute the law the branch has influence to ask to examine the photograph on the equipment such as camera and smartphone at any time, encourage those thinking that the woman that oneself are taken secretl

y is bold to phonate.


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