Cereal song solar energy enclothes a plan to meet defeat without network of headroom of man-machine test-fly crash

Login register solar energy of Gu Ge of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian does network of headroom of crash of unmanned aircraft trial flight enclothe a plan to encounter defeat origin: ? Be not?2015-05-31 13:3 of north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosomeEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 1 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

According to Peng Bo edition of network of commercial weekly publication reports, gu Ge plans to regard the large solar energy that provides Internet to serve platform as un

manned aircraft Solara 50, in new Mexico the city checks crash of the failure when base test-fly.

Cereal song solar energy does not have man-machine

Spokesman of Gu Ge is being accepted when interviewing, express, should not have man-machine to will arrive very quickly after take off with respect to crash on May 1 the ground, current, american country carries safe committee to investigating this matter. His complement says, this accident happens in Er of this city A on a of Bai Keji city private airstrip, get hurt without anybody.

The network that this crash is Gu Ge enclothes the another setback that the plan encounters. Gu Ge is in all the time implement all sorts of plans, for infrastructure in headroom poorer area offers Internet to receive a service. Propagandist data shows, the unmanned mechanism that Gu Ge bought last year makes this aircraft that business Titan Aerospace makes, the ala is exhibited be as long as 50 meters, anticipate fly in headroom aerosphere, with making a satellite use to the ground to send network signal.

Although our prototype does not have man-machine to be in the closest test-fly crash, we still plan to feel hopeful without man-machine couplet net to solar energy, cereal song female spokesman is taken an examination of special the Buddhist nun rests the Buddhist nun (Courtney Hohne) expresses in interview, make new technical hard to avoid can encounter an obstacle.

Besides Gu Ge, facebook ever also tried to try to buy Titan Aerospace, final its bought England not to have man-machine company Ascenta. Ascenta also is making headroom do not have man-machine at present, cost amounts to 20 million dollar.

Gu Ge and Facebook buy unmanned aircraft company is tycoon of these two Internet the one part of bigger plan. These two companies hope to make the new technology such as the robot in order to develop new market.

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