British profession walks a dog person yearly salary amounts to 246 thousand yuan taller than yearly salary of average per capita

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The intermediary outside occupying reports, afterwards is accompanied run a group of things with common features, the member that eider down is tried to sleep, after hearing the profession such as smelly division, another burgeoning industry publishs pop chart of strange flower profession, that walks a dog namely person. And and a lot of other strange flower profession is same, walk a dog the person also is job of a high pay, be in England, the yearly salary of this group course of study can reach 26 thousand pound.

Be in England, a few master without the pet dog that time walks a dog meetings give a profession to walk a dog love dog person. Taking dog dog to

take a walk one hour in the park, walk a dog meeting collection makes an appointment with the person 11.5 pound, tower above of the firewood when this one forehead compares legal minimum of England 5 pound. And walk a dog the person's yearly salary is 26 thousand pound commonly (add up to a RMB about 246 thousand yuan of) , the tower above of average yearly salary that compares an Englishman makes an appointment with 4000 pound.

Besides walk a dog, pet dog day care also has huge market in England. Average cost of a day is day care of dog of a pet 17.5 pound, to administrator of pet dog day care, the pet dog amount that their month take-overs can amount to 305. This is equivalent to average year into 64 thousand pound (add up to a RMB about 606 thousand yuan)

Lu overcomes Wenqiesite (Luke Winchester) is to live in a of London to walk a dog person, he graduates from renown school, had made building medium, turn to walk a dog for the person all right later, already had 6 years up to now


Everyday, the pet dog that Wenqiesitehui is taking employer goes and other places of Li Shiman park, Hai Degong garden takes a walk. His stroll 4 to 6 dogs, every dog collects fees one hour 18 pound, appear even taller than income uprighting among him.

Wenqiesite to walking a dog this job feels the person very satisfactory. He says to walk a dog need not wear business suit, working freedom, client it may not be a bad idea is served, it is very good job.

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