Because American archbishop harbors sexual scandal abdication is papal already accepted

New York of China News Service on June 15 because report harbors scandal of sex of the clergy inside deanery and suffer the American Minnesota archbishop that criticize fully Yaohanning manages make a statement 15 days especially announce resignation, say papal square aid already accepted its resignation each. With what he resigns at the same time still Li Pi of this area coadjutor withers.

This month 5 days, minnesota check just sues holy Paul He Mingni Abolisi parochial religion cacique, those who say fail appropriate processing is right this area an Abba is undeserved of sexual behavior report for many times, and fail abide by acceptance to protect children, clean up to have the clergy that loves child addiction.

Local inquisitor says, 3 males victim says, arrive from 2008 between 2010, disiweimaiye stalking or branch gives father minor still at that time they drink, fill medicine, carry out a gender to invade next.

Peaceful department says in the statement of especially big bishop in 15 days, because face a lot of challenge, to give deanery a new beginning, he decides abdication. The skin thanks coadjutor to say, people needs this parochial to recover and hope, so he resigns of one's own acco


Last week, papal square Luo Gegang just announced to will establish

a court, when so that adjudgement is handling clergy sex,approaching minor record, be suspected of harborring covering bishop.

Mix with respect to Paul of emperor of in control of from 2008 bright Niabolisi parochial manages rather is the near future especially the American archbishop that resigns the 2nd times because of scandal of the sex inside area under administration. On April 21, rob of bishop of husband of a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument of testament of Missouri can Sa Sicheng is special because fragrance favour hides the truth from a newspaper inside deanery the name loves child addiction Abba and be forced to resign.

It is reported, vatican already the assistant archbishop that assign button tile overcomes Bainadehebuda the place with special department of Dai Ning of of short duration.


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