Beautiful intermediary: Aobama plans to add arms 1000 more than person assists Yi Jun to hit IS

According to American media coverage, aobama plans to add a group more than 1000 soldier goes to Iraq, assist Iraqi army to hit an extreme to organize Mohammedan country (IS) , the report increases troops number this or nevertheless also media is controlled in 500 people, specific figure still does not decide.

American official to " wall street daily " divulge, legionary meaning is training this Cizengpa Iraq is legionary, assist them to be seized again from inside IS hand how cling to province. Although at present the White House has not announc

e th

is one news, but this plan is American officials the result that a few months argues.

The United States adds arms Iraq last was November 2014, aobamazengpa 1500 soldiers, at present Iraqi churchyard shares adviser of 3080 United States, drillmaster and logistics staff.


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