Beautiful assistant Secretary of State: The United States does not care about Nanhai islands dominion attributive in just have misunderstanding

Lasaier is in American assistant Secretary of State 21 numbers Washington points out, leader of Sino-US two countries maintains regularly communicate, devote oneself to to enlarge collaboration jointly, narrow difference. At the same time Lasaier expresses, china is put in misunderstanding to Nanhai footing of the United States. The dominion that the United States does not care about Nanhai islands is attributive, but with why be being planted to each country means settles Nanhai dispute, the United States is not indifferent.

American the White House makes a statement 21 numbers say, dynast of Sino-US two countries communicates, american president Aobama expresses to expect Xi Jinping of Chinese state chairman will have state visit to the United States September. Lasaier expresses, aobama and Chinese country leader had undertaken more than 20 times meeting. Of these relations build make for Sino-US deep chemical combination dissolved difference to lay a foundation.

American assistant Secretary of State pulls Er of a place of strategic importance: Sino-US enlarge cooperative domain in effort, narrow difference domain, this is very important.

Lasaier is in 21 numbers Washington publishs an address when wisdom library strategy and forum of Nanhai of international research center, he points out Sino-US on Nanhai problem lack understanding and cooperation. What the United States suffers Wu Shicun of dean of Chinese Nanhai academy in the footing on Nanhai is interrogatory.

Wu Shicun of dean of Chinese Nanhai researcher: Do you think neutral policy of the United States still is in carry out? From the point of Chinese angle, of the United States (indifferent) policy is already nonexistent. In fact, the United

States chooses to stand in other country at the same time. For instance the law case of Philippine arbitration, still have the position in kindheartedness reef.

American assistant Secretary of State pulls Er of a place of strategic importance: I thank you to give me this chance, will cl

arify this misunderstanding that eradicates impossibly it seems that to China. To (each whether) abide by law of nations to solve Nanhai problem, we are not indifferent.

Lasaier still expresses, american support is Philippine will fall to offer the arbitration to Nanhai problem in the frame of law of nations, and the United States thinks China and Philippine accountability the arbitral decision that abides by World Court. (phoenix is defended inspect Wang Bing you, Cheng Du reports Huang Zhuohua)


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