Airliner of Singapore flying big talk descends 4 times major passenger is frightened cry (graph)

Login register airliner of flying big talk of Singapore of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to descend 4 times is major passenger frightened cry (graph) origin: ? ?2015-06-12 09:0 of ┗  northEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http:// channel [summary] the tire after Singapore flies to the airliner of Hu Hang TR2934 of big talk to take off is damaged, safety descends after big talk airport

11 days morning, the tire after Singapore flies to the airliner of Hu Hang TR2934 of big talk to take off is damaged, safety descends after big talk airport, the passenger on machine tells about Jing fetch hour to media.

The plane descends successfully

According to introducing, airliner of Hu Hang TR2934 shares 178 people of passenger and unit member, the passenger is the Chinese visitor that enters Xin Matai 6 days to swim for the most part, set out from Singapore yesterday morning return big talk.

Have passenger memory, yesterday in the morning 7 when board the plane 20 minutes to take off very smooth, without unusual situation, until 10 when after hearing abnormal knocking 20 minutes or so twice, plane broadcast begins occurrence stoppage of the plane that sow a newspaper note of directive passenger. The passenger says, the plane is in big talk in the sky circled a lot of rounds, try early or late fall but did not succeed, the atmosphere inside cabin is more and more nervous also, but whole journey of the personnel that multiply Wu is handled calmly. Hurrah and applause should be given out inside the engine room when final plane descends smoothly.

A female passenger recollects to local media

: When descending to still have about 40 minutes from the plane, hear the broadcast on machine suddenly to say the airlines may appear breakdown, requirement passenger fastens good safety belt, article of the acuteness on debus body. At that time really very fear, the plane tries crash-land 3 times, do not descend to come down all the time, litre of ability when descending is pulled to descend successfully in the 4th, major passenger cried on machine.

Big talk is beautiful orchid Yang Xiaobin of airport group president introduces, 2 class lash-up is started to answer after airport of United States orchid receives information, the lash-up such as center of 120 emergency treatment saves total fleet of fire control of province of airport respect, Hainan, big talk aid sheet is located in 9 when build up 52 minutes reach the designated position. Airliner of Hu Hang TR2934 decides big talk to descend formerly time is 10 when 40 minutes, behind schedule comes 11 when be born of safety of 04 minutes of airliners. Classics examination, the plane is right inside revolver surface layer falls off, cause tire damage.

Yang Xiaobin introduces, this second descend to was opposite normal motion builds the airport to affect, the plane will be in beauty orchid airport to change tire. Last noon 11 when second airliner cancels the 30 TR2935 that divide the big talk that carries out by this plane to Singapore. (Zhong Xin)

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