The president before the United States with a ha is decided after be being passed to have identification of bastard female DNA, confirm

Log onto the president before registering United States of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to with a ha be decided does origin: confirm after be being passed to there is identification of bastard female DNA? Salary  ?2015-08-15 19:1Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http:// channel

According to Xinhua News Agency client of Xin Huaguo border carries a story, wolunha of the president before concerned United States is decided bastard female hearsay lasted of a century long, the truth rises to surface eventually recently.

(Wolunha is decided)

(Bulidu and Yi Lisha are white)

(with a ha decide with Fuluolangsi of first wife madam)

According to BBC report, in 20 centuries 20 time, wolunha of the 29th president of American decides Ceng Yuna extramarital affair of Bulidu happening, and pause in cloth issue one female Yi to pull Sha to install Bulidu in vain to breath out a system of fixed quotas for grain production. Because suffer,the technology is restricted at that time, this matter cannot confirm, and the family that with a ha decides also is denied readily, call Bulidu cheater. But recently, the later generations that with a ha decides affirms through DNA technology eventually, bulidu did not lie in those days.

[the force of DNA]

Peter with a ha is decided is the great-nephew that Wolunha decides, also be the first person that puts forward to make DNA identification.

He says: From me begin to remember things rises, this is a secret of our family. Broken without method also riddle is round at that time nevertheless. In 20 time at that time, can be judged only through growing like unlike.

Those with a ha must be decided, Abigaierha decides his cousin with Bulidu's grandchildren Zhanmusibulaixin passes the United

States. Appraisal result affirms both sides has kin.

How magical! DNA can date from one familial story of the individual, adapt even this familial history, the Ba Er of Si Difen of a manager of family tree net abstruse Lu say.

[the fight of a woman history]

" new York Times " say, although breath out,not be the first is exposed to the sun to give the president that has extramarital affair surely, but Bulidu is the first wife that dare admit him Moll identity publicly and writes a book to tell about all these. Bulidu causes an upsurge in complete beauty even, the court reachs on, common family comes below, be full of her story everywhere.

Bulidu is born in county of the favour in Ohio horse south, her father and with a ha be being decided is a good friend. Bulidu already loved each other with its before with a ha deciding a president, gave birth to next daughter to with a ha be decided 1919.

1928, bulidu was published " of the president female " one book, the rights and interests that hopes to strive for her daughter and appeal safeguard natural child female rights and interests.

Say in the book: With a ha decide maintaining extramarital affair to concern from beginning to end with Bulidu during assuming a president, and breath out express meeting help to raise a daughter surely. But 1923, 57 years old because heart disease dies,with a ha decide, did not leave any legacy to mother and daughter pauses in cloth. Believe to a character pauses in cloth without the person almost.

1991, 94 years old of senile Bulidu die, mortal before, she still firm the daughter Yi Lisha that weighs her's white father with a ha decides a president namely.

When she publishs this book, the female just won the right to vote. People believes to have the man of ascendancy more, is not a woman. Should she be how boil the past? Peter with a ha decides say, this is an incredible female story. A woman is holding her weapon from beginning to end, won a victory after 88 years eventually.

[two familial collision]

In a few years of in the past, home Bulaidu does not agree to have DNA identification from beginning to end, think this is right they already died of elder do not respect.

But Peter hopes to see Bulaidu is familial more members, expect with its he with a ha decides the reunion of later generations.

We did not see the younger generation that still has a lot of haing calm presidents. In this familial secret, our err it allows a few businesses our other family got inequitable pay. I am intolerable such thing, I want to make up for, those gets say.

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