Thailand supermarket tries indelicate video is passed to film between the garment grow film about 3 minutes

Stage intermediary says, network propagation chinese mainland has pair of men and womens to try in hand-me-down inn indelicate picture is taken oneself between the garment, thailand supermarket tries also circulating between the garment the similar film between foreign nationality woman and male cameraman. This supermarket already launched investigation, thailand police also does in detect in.

In the center of Taiwan coverage of quote Thailand media will

say the company on July 15, this paragraph of film is woman of a golden hair walks into a supermarket to pretend to stroll first, in underwear branch feign bust bodice of outfit choose and buy sneaks away finally into try the garment, the man that is in charge of filming follows follow at sb' heels to enter, film grow film about 3 minutes, whole journey chats with Thai.

Had been spread out to investigate by the supermarket of designation, thailand police also is mixed according to content in uploading search of network address flesh. Thailand

netizen assail, be too beyond the mark really.


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