Student of Singapore foreign citizen of Chinese origin pats schoolgirl skirt bottom 61 times to win reprieve secretly 24 months

In report will occupy new network on July 14 Singapore " associated morning paper " report, around uses a mobile phone 61 times to send the student of foreign citizen of Chinese origin of Singapore technical institute of woman skirt bottom secretly, obtain a judge to give him the chance, be sentenced 24 months probation is surveillant.

Judge instruct makes the accused Xu Junxiang (18 years old) can use only during delay inspect did not film functional mobile phone, want his parents autograph to protect.

When next sentencing, Judge Lin Jingyao says, the accused faces serious crime, go up to want to be imprisoned commonly, especially the accused is faced a lot of control account, prison term will be very


Nevertheless, the court is willing the accused opportunity, but the accused must mend his ways sincerely, should have abstain ability, the habit that complete give up goes, lest recommit.

Besides delay inspect, the accused must serve 150 hours for community, in the evening 10 when arrive 30 minutes the early morning that lie between a day 6 when must stay in the home. In addition, the accused must accept psychology and psychotherapy. Join special treatment plan, in order to correct his sex criminality.

After be being sentenced below the judge, the accused says to the judge, he very regret oneself behavior. He can cherish the judge gives him the 2nd times the chance.

The accused is justice the student that brings design of technical institute landscape and course of diploma of horticultural specialized subject, repair when case hair read one year.

He arrived 2014 between this year January be found out and brought to justice, helper target is sought in the place such as shop and bookshop. Besides take skirt heart secretly, he also takes the woman of the toilet secretly.

This year on January 30 towards evening 6 when make, what the accused hides into bead light edifice is female lavatory, the plan pats 27 years old secretly woman by get behind. The woman cries aloud, run accordingly toilet ask for help.

The accused fears to hide in lavatory room to dare not come out, be arrested by police finally. Police is mixed from his mobile phone on genu model computer finds picture of background of skirt of 173 pieces of women and 6 paragraphs of kinescope.

The accused admits an arrogate to oneself is entered 4 days last month female lavatory with 61 contempt

uous female dignity controls account, when the lawyer begs for leniency, Anilawani says the accused spends a lot of time to get online, because the contact steals website of the bottom that pat skirt, feel amazed with excitement, ability him challenge goes be being patted secretly. Later, he decides to try a few things that never had done, enter female lavatory pat secretly; This is his first time, the result is arrested.


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