Is Lai Mu disease what disease can cure? Ai Wei diagnose suffers from on (graph)

Login is registering disease of Mu of Lai of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian what disease can cure? Ai Wei does diagnose suffer from on (graph) origin: ? Fleeing?2015-07-03 09:4 of discharge  ㄍEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 3 Http:// channel [summary] Ai Wei looking glass gives first after diagnose contracts Lai Mu disease, sad weep show can active treatment

This Zhou Yi, this Canadian singer of 30 years old is being accepted " good morning United States " when interviewing, it is first before camera lens refer her disease, shared the newest circumstance about her illness with the audience. Bug of this kind of tick bites the Lai Mu disease that cause smooth diagnose used her a few months, she is very sad tell Jiessie of compere of ABC TV station Palmer: This is the 2nd blow in my life.

Ai Wei looking glass gives first after diagnose contracts Lai Mu disease sad weep show can active treatment

What is Lai Mu disease? The disease of sex of source of natural epidemic disease of be caused by of You Baishi scanty helicoid, call Lai Mu initial stage of scanty helicoid ill disease again constant with wandering chronically sexual erythema is a feature. Clinical expression basically is the much system such as the skin, heart, nerve and joint, much viscera to damage. 1975, in the children that this ill in batches produces Lyme of administrative division of division of American Kang Nie surname to press down centrally, get a name consequently.

Among them disease of Mu of first phase Lai uses antibiotic only can be successful, to 2 period, 3 period with antibiotic of no help, especially neurological damage more therapeutics of lack specially good effect. Inchoate wander chronically with the skin sexual erythema is a characteristic, nerve, heart or articulatory pathological changes appear after, mix in the summer

normally early autumn come on, can happen at any ages, the male slightly over female. Come on be in the majority with black prime of life, as close related to the profession. With fieldwork person, rate of forest worker infection is higher.

Can be Lai Mu disease treated? Disease of Mu of Lai of Lai Mu ill first phase uses antibiotic to be able to get effective only, to 2 period 3 period using antibiotic is otiose, if development arrives neurological damage lack specially good effect to treat more. First phase expression is: Cutaneous wanders chronically sexual erythema, constant companion has at the beginning of disease lack of power Wei is cold calorific, joint of vomiting of head abhor heart and muscle ache, also can appear meningeal stimulation is asked for, local with systemic occurrence lymph node enlargement, have splenomegaly occasionally, hepatitis, pharyngitis conjunctivitis iris phlogistic or spermary strut. 2 period: Week of the number after coming on or a few months are made an appointment with 15% appear respectively with the patient of 8% the sign of apparent neurological symptom and heart be put into trouble. 3 period: Zhou Zhi is counted 2 years after infection inside, occurrence joint symptom is like about 80% right-and-left patients articulatory and aching arthritis or chronic aggressivity synovitis. Already sicken 6 years, want to treat specific condition, effect a radical cure the possibility is not large, can stabilize commonly best.

I can recover completely certainly! This is Ai Wei accept in Zhou Yi " good morning United States " if when interviewing, saying to place of one numerous vermicelli made from bean starch.

My cure already was passed half, and I also am in restore in. Ai Wei say: After seeing the illness is improved somewhat, I am very glad and final I can recover completely for certain.

December 2013 Ai Wei admit oneself suffer from on Lai Mu is ill, and in the character weekly last year April, still published the news about her illness.

Lai Mu disease is bite by bug of a kind of tick, the bacterium that causes is affected and cause. Ai Wei state she was bitten by insect December 2014 reall

y, she is installing rude province at that time, and once 5 months are bedfast.

Last year October when, I begin bedfast, she shows a patient's condition serious because begin,be of a few doctors by accident examine.

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