Imprint intermediary says prototype of " mahatma " comes from Indian god monkey to breath out a slave the likeness such as graceful magic arts (graph)

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Basis a few days ago statistic, homebred animation film " mahatma returns " already surmounted " kongfu panda 2 " , become Chinese inland ch

ampion of booking office of film of the animation on film history. This one incident is caused in home pay close attention to and discuss while, also caused the attention of Indian media.

" mahatma returns "

The monkey in the graph is fokelore of Chinese ancient time water of medium water of the Huaihe River does not have Zhi Qi quite.

Ha Numan.

Interesting is, indian med

ia still is made clear designedly when the report " on the west travel notes " the Indian setting with Sun Wu sky.

" Indian times " the article that the Chinese animation film that 26 days of stories that concern India in order to inscribe to be based on adapt broke a record, report " mahatma returns " record-breaking be related.

This newspaper says, " mahatma returns " it is a basis " on the west travel notes " adapt, and " on the west travel notes " those who tell about is an interesting monkey protection Tang San hides the story that heads for India. This only interesting, monkey that has some of make trouble again sometimes gets of Chinese children love, and it is the main reason that Chinese children begins to understand India as a child.

Does prototype come from Indian god monkey to breath out a slave graceful?

Does report of Xinhua News Agency understand India from Sun Wu empty body? The viewpoint of Indian media is, sun Wu sky and India are epic " Luo Mayan that " medium divine monkey Ha Nu graceful very similar, monkey offspring of the nobility is realized have a few characteristics for nothing, the tussle, magic arts Ha Nu with India graceful same.

Be in " Luo Mayan that " in the story, divine monkey breaths out a slave graceful be infinitely resourceful, can feek giddy, it helps story hero Luo Ma defeat Prince of the Devils, the wife all that rescues Luo Ma is much.

Actually, a few scholars of our country are opposite early the origin of this figure had Sun Wu air dug, somebody thinks Sun Wu comes from Ha Nu namely for nothing graceful or it is to suffer its to affect, but also the scholar is not agreed with.

Lu Xun thinks, sun Wu evolves not to have Zhi Qi quite from the water of water of the Huaihe River in fokelore of Chinese ancient time for nothing, account does not have a Qi Xing mediumly to be like apes and monkeys.

Hu Kuo is in " on the west travel notes " textual research says in one article, I always suspect this monkey that be infinitely resourceful is not home products, be to be imported from India, the myth that perhaps does not have Zhi Qi repeatedly also was to suffer what India is affected and counterfeit to be in the age issue poem with the most ancient India " pull hemp to pass " (namely " Luo Mayan that " ) in search so that breath out a slave graceful, can be the back of neat day mahatma probably.

Ji Xianlin is in " Luo Mayan that " in China express in one article, this monkey (Sun Wu is empty) have one part at least " Luo Mayan that " in divine monkey Ha Nu graceful shadow, do sth unconventional or unorthodox anyhow, whether do this also identify what do not drop.

This problem has final final conclusion hard, but mahatma is really significant to driving the development of Chinese animation film and progress. Imprint intermediary also is mentioned, this film is regarded to be China compare goes abroad with creating can border is outstanding work is a target, through the great success that tries hard several years.

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