Han intermediary suggests parade of attend a ceremony of plain Jin benefit notices expression not to laugh too apparently

Login register intermediary of Han of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to suggest parade of Piao Jinhui attend a ceremony notices expression does not laugh too apparently origin: ? Be not?2015-09-01 09:5 of north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosomeEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 4 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Hui Fanghua of Korea president plain Jin is the topic that heat of media of near future Korea discusses all the time. Draw near increasingly as date setting out, han intermediary will show distance of Hui Fanghua of Jin of more Chinese hackberrya centrally on August 31, even media is in for her China during how should behave an action.

Piao Jinhui and Xi Jinping

Korea " central daily " 31 days of reports say, chinese general to activity of parade of whole world hookup, so Piao Jinhui must notice expression when the attend a ceremony on a tower over a city gate of Tian An Men. Personage of Korea diplomacy message says, when if fight delegate of day model army to accept,be being inspected, the picture that plain president laughs at too apparently is gone to by direct seeding whole world, this may very awkward. Korea pear spends Piao Renhui of female big professor to say, the photograph of each country head and video check scheme often are gifted now principal indicative port, appeared even the view of video diplomacy, accordingly, piao Jinhui always must notice the detail such as his expression and movement in parade ceremony process.

In addition, " central daily " suggest to Piao Jinhui, do not want issue of excessive kink Yu Chaoxian, cannot ignore the federal concern with the United States, and not excessive and exciting Japan. However, han intermediary is right of Japan was spilled that day favorably cold water.

Japan " produce classics news " Yekouyuzhi of special committee member is in political ministry 31 days morning this newspaper publishs a comment to say on network edition, piao Jinhui attends Chinese military review is behavior of job big tenet, the Min the wife of a prince of her doing and Korea dynasty evening is similar. Min the wife of a prince is considered as the actual ruler of Korea of 19 centuries end, in power period and Japanophile go gradually gradually far hind deflection is pro-Chinese, ultimate fall into disgrace is killed by Japanese. Korea NEW1 website says, japanese right wing agrees the wife of a prince of Min of Piao Jinhui assimilate to to be condemned strongly by Korea the government and the public. Korea is in office spokesman of party of Home Dang Xinguo expresses 31 days, japanese right-wing nonsense, its opinion on public affairs is the self-portrait that makes a person ashamed. Democracy of new politics of the greatest opposition combines Korea the spokesman makes a statement say, japan says Korea job big tenet without the

qualification at all, japan is the true portraiture of job big tenet to adulatory ability of the United States. Han senior official shows 31 days to Han couplet company, beardless pay attention to contains Han government the Japanese part media of revisionist gene mixes ill-natured historical fact and history shameless words and deeds of the personage. (round-the-world times is stationed in Li Daming of reporter of Korea engage by special arrangement)

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