Gangster of failure of Lothario of Indian police ensnare follows lose 17 years old of girls to be raped again

The India that rapes case frequency hair showed tragic again recently. 17 years old of girls are in after be raped, police persuades his to regard as bait, prepare ensnare rapist. But who knows, as a result of the neglect of police, this girl was invaded by gangster sex again unexpectedly.

Recently, mahalashitela a girl of state is raped twice continuously, and police has direct responsibility to the 2nd rape. The police that participates in a case at present already by suspend sb from his duties. According to imprinting intermediary reports, when going out with male friend before this girl a week, threaten to snatch a mobile phone by two suspects. Subsequently, suspect the girl that follow at sb' heels comes home alone, the rape was carried out in the woods. Make a person more of detest is, they still are used grab the mobile phone that come the vid

eo below the collection, blackmail victim and its family. After the girl calls the police, police offers an ensnare plan, want her to make an appointment with a suspect to come out, feign outfit agrees to pay redemptive mobile phone and video.

Astonishing is, capture the action unexpectedl

y because communicate not free, the girl is followed to lose by protective personnel, rape again. After a few hours, police just arrested two crime suspect in the railway station.

Current, the police that plots ensnare action already by suspend sb from his duties. But police officer expresses again subsequently, the girl is in the 2nd times and was not raped, launching investigation is to return only she an innocence.


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