Dynamite of Thailand Bangkok explosion is TNT: Weigh 3 kilograms at least 100 harm is caused inside rice

Login register dynamite of explosion of Bangkok of Thailand of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to be TNT: Weigh 3 kilograms at least 100 is harm origin: caused inside rice? Heir Lian?2015-08-18 08:4Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 4 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

According to message of small gain of government of CCTV news center, disclose according to police, explosive dynamite is preliminary maintain fo

r TNT spirited dynamite. Tear open additionally play army to demolish two doubt successfully around explosive dot to be like explosive.

According to message of Thailand police arrange, the discovery when undertaking checking is ordered to exploding in police, bomb weighs 3 kilograms at least, harm can be caused inside 100 meters of limits, but still cannot determine this event at present whether with be in before this of Bangkok explode for many times concerned couplet. Additional, in explosive funeral body person in, the Chinese occupies 3.

Exposure of picture of Thailand Bangkok explosion

What is TNT?

TNT dynamite is a kind of spirited dynamite, by J Bolande invents Weir, submit maize powder or piscine scale form, difficult dissolve at water, can use at underwater to blow up. Because power is great, commonly used will make deputy detonate drug. Explosive hind assumes the balance that lose oxygen, produce toxic gas.

TNT equivalent is to show the energy that releases when nuclear explosion is equivalent to the energy that place of explosion of dynamite of how many tons of TNT releases. The amount of TNT dynamite is used to regard energy as the unit again, every kilograms can produce the energy of 4.2 million joule, photograph of 1 ton of TNT is equal to 4.2 thousand joule, million ton be equal to 4200 million joule, also explode as nuke normally equivalent the unit will use.

Is TNT harm how old?

Invade a way: Inspiratory, feed, classics skin is absorbed.

Healthy harm: Belong to height to endanger poison. To the harm of haemal system, liver of the noxiousness in can forming; of small system of family name of Gao Tie haemoglobin, conspicuous to be able to be caused injures; cross-eye eyeball to be able to cause toxic sex cataract.

Virulent poisoning: Dizziness of the person that spend gently, have a headache, not clear, breath expresses consciousness of the person that the; such as disgusting, vomiting, bellyacke, cyanosis weighs disease shallow, relieve oneself incontinent, pupil comes loose big, corneal reflex disappears, but because breathe paralytic and die.

Chronic and toxic: Can produce hepatitis of toxic sex cataract, toxic sex, anaemic, dermatitis, eczema. Long-term contact can appear TNT countenance: Facial and cadaverous, cyanosis of lip, auricle.

Lash-up processing deals with method:

One, leak lash-up processing

Segregation leak pollutes an area, admonitory sign is set all round, cut off igneous cause. Proposal lash-up handles personnel to wear good respirator, wear chemistry to defend take. Cooling, prevent to shake, bump and chafe, avoid Yang Chen, use the gardener that do not have fire to provide caution to sweep case, change safe location. Also can rinse with a large number of water, put liquid waste system with washing water attenuantly. Be like a large numb

er of leak, the embellish that use water is wet, collect next, move, reclaim or discard after harmless processing.

Litter deals with method: With burn law. Flotsam dissolve burns again after acetone, incinerator wants the firebox after having, the oxidation of incinerator eduction passes alkaline syringe eliminate harmful composition.

2, preventive measure

Respiratory system defends: When the concentration in air is higher, adorn respirator. Urgent situation rescue or when fleeing for one's life, adorn self-sufficient type respirator.

The eye defends: Dai Anquan defends glasses. Defend take: Wear close sleeve coverall, grow all rubber overshoes. The hand defends: Wear rubber glue glove.

Other: Working site prohibits smoking, take food and water. After the job, shower change clothes. Hold good wholesome convention. Before undertaking obtain employment, mix periodic check-up.

3, emergency treatment measure

Skin contact: Shuck off contaminative dress instantly, rinse thoroughly with suds and clear water. Eye contact: Mention instantly palpebral, with a large number of flow clear water or physiological saline are rinsed.

Inspiratory: Break away from the spot quickly to come air is fresh place. Notice heat preservation, oxygen therapy gives when breath is difficult. The person that breath and heartbeat stop makes breathing to be pressed with the heart artificially press art instantly. Go to a doctor.

Feed: The person that take by accident gives gargle, water, activated carbon of the profess to convinced after gastric lavage, give again cathartic. Go to a doctor. Method of put out a fire: Mist shape water. Prohibit using sandy soil gland.

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