Dynamite of detonator of have things stolen of French ammunition library by pilfer or concern with terrorist

The intermediary outside occupying reports 9 days, an ammunition library that rice plays base of Ma Sijun job near French south Marseilles happened a few days ago explode burgalry, 40 at least 190 detonator, grenade and dynamite of a batch of plasticity are walked along by pilfer. French military police already intervened investigation.

The report says, this base covers an area of about 250 hectare, overseas unit put

s the France that this ammunition library basically is African area lay aside ammo.

The report says, accident that evening clipping abatis enters somebody ammunition library commits the crime. About 40 grenade steal. The report still says, martial base periphery has abatis two rounds, but photograph without monitoring like the head, this brings certain difficulty to case investigation.

According to investigating personnel preliminary judgement, bandits is a gang that has an organization, do not eliminate they and terrorist to concern couplet.

French department of defense gives orders after the accident the martial base of all memory ammo spreads out in-house examination, prevent a safe leak, and in the two collect inside week an internal security is evaluated.

French sheet produced horrible assault twice this year, still be browbeaten for many times by horror, paris and other area are current fear cautionary level already reaching top level instead.

Report, this is not the event that French first time produces large quantities of ammoes to steal. July 2008, bandits from the ammo that the base th

at accuses unit tears open to steal 28 kilograms near Lyons. Interior minister Aliao holds the post of when - Ma Li ascribes responsibility to the security personnel problem that this base exists.


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