18 years old of Philippine girls suffer from age of body of premature senility disease to already was amounted to 144 years old (group plan)

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According to England " daily Post " will report on August 4, philippine because contract premature senility disease,girl of 18 years old installs Dai Er of Po of Er of graceful Luo Xie, anile ra

te is rapidder than normal person multiple, she present body age is close to 144 years old.

Phenanthrene girl contracts premature senility disease

Phenanthrene girl contracts premature senility disease

Philippine girl of 18 years old installs Dai Er of Po of Er of graceful Luo Xie to contract premature senility disease

An Na and near future of its home person are participated in filmed newsreel " the body of strange kind (Body Bizarre) " , the city fills in to enter the old practice that medicine experiments toward American Ma Sazhu before this newsreel told about An Na, also recorded her 18 years old the scene with birthday right clique. This has extraordinary sense to An Na, because the mean life of patient of premature senility disease has 14 years old only, and conquer of ground of An Na success forecast, made the patient of premature senility disease with whole world the oldest age.

Ground of An Na do one's best cures a method illy to can discover premature senility and make hard. Be in the United States, she had attended multinomial medicaments trial. Name of this medicine experiment is Lonafarnib, study foundation and syndicate of Bostonian children hospital by premature senility disease. The experiment aims to find a method to treat disease of blemish of this kind of gene, if cannot save their life, also want method prolongs its life. According to foundation investigation, the sicken rate of this kind of disease has 1/1000000 only, end this year in July, share patients of 125 premature senility disease to distributing in the whole world 43 countries.

1, what is premature senility disease?

Premature senility disease, syndrome of consenescence of full name one's early years (Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome) , call children early old disease again, belong to hereditary disease, hutchinson reported above all 1886.

Although this disease is disease of a kind of congenital transmissibility, but still cannot be euchromosome certainly recessive still be dominance heredity. This disease is ask for integratedly, the characteristic is development defer, happen to infantile period undertake sex of sexual old age fades travel sex change. The ageing procedure of patient body is very quick. And meet with contracts this disease the age of child child exceeds 13 years old rarely, about every 8 million new students in one contracts this disease.

2, cause of disease of premature senility disease

The mutation of Lamin A gene, it is the cause that causes structure of cell of children of premature senility disease and function to degrade gradually. The cellu

lar ageing of the mutation of Lamin A gene and premature senility disease is concerned, because Lamin A protein causes the mutation of cellular function,the likelihood is, the instability of nucleolus film acts crucial role in syndrome of disease of Hutchinson-Gilford premature senility. This research also makes the scientist understands the heart disease that produces in premature senility disease and cellular ageing further as a result. About every 8 million new students in one arrive disease of 4 premature senility. Patient of premature senility disease has small and frail body normally, resemble an old person same.

Next the symptom makes progress disease of the skin of shrivel, arteriosclerosis, heart and vessels wait. Patient of early old disease can produce sclerosis of arterial congee appearance. As a result of heart and vessels and the pathological changes with hemal head constant one's early years dies young.

Besides, patient of premature senility disease feels to in relief photosensitive normally, because this body of ill patient cannot undertake the DNA rehabilitate of normal person works,this is, and lose cell is duplicate the function that reachs protein to make. Current, the CSA of ─ of gene blemish ─ that two are concerned with premature senility disease and CSB are discovered, among them CSA gene is located in on the 5th chromosome. The protein that password of these two gene produces with DNA repair and duplicate turn interpret function is concerned.

Arteriosclerosis is patient of premature senility disease's common symptom. In patient of premature senility disease, the problem of tall blood fat is created. And the problem of arteriosclerosis is on body of patient of every early old disease all can see. According to this clinical discovery, scientist speculation and fatty acid are carried reach the gene related oxidation to behave Yi Ke to be able to be the likelihood that causes premature senility disease one of reasons. Unlike is other acceleration ageing disease, for example Werner syndrome, Cockayne syndrome or chromatic sex fight leather disease, premature senility disease is not is by the DNA repair program that has drawback place is caused. What because these quicken ageing disease,showed ageing is different face, but be not is every are faced. They often are weighed for disease of partial premature senility.

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