Wet each country of the biggest refugee bears since European face World War II huge burden

The sound that occupies China " global Chinese network " report, the scale is the largest refugee crisis since World War II. Perplexing Europe now, headache for refugee problem in Europe unceasingly when, is the Chinese that lives in place what kind of experience?

Refugee problem, can say nowadays be is Europe's biggest challenge, bring huge economy and safe burden for European Union each country. But once the refugee is in Europe be born, come from humanitarian angle say, live in the people on this land, can help them acquire decent life. Head of the TV news when European each country, press, the problem evolutional that paying close attention to the refugee everyday at the same time, the Chinese that lives in Europe also is paying close attention to the measure of a few aid of local government, survey these new groups that appear beside them, on this problem, the Chinese stands together with Europe certainly. Ms. Peng that pursues media job in Sweden expresses, although have a lot of controversy, but problem of refugee of Swedish people look upon presents diversity, won't lean to one side, majority of Swedish popular wishes still supports present land settlement policy, sweden has an immigration office to special orgnaization finds a place for the refugee, have refugee status to be able to get commonly of Swedish government groom, teach them Swedish, still can help them apply for a job apply for a job, sweden has a lot of foundations to work, ab extra immigrant does protect labour, cleaner for example. Mr Zhang says a Chinese of reside abroad Germany, in Germany a lot of cities have the refugee to find a place for dot, wait for a place in the school, gymnasium commonly, heart is state-o

wned have a regulation, find a place for the money of the refugee comes from the government of each areas, the refugee also has relevant allowance, travel Chinese helps the refugee. To regarding minority as the Chinese group of a group of things with common features descendants, itself also is good part, because once refugee problem becomes the word of big question of Europe, exclusive power expands likely ceaselessly in Europe, this also is occurrent thing. The immigrant from governmental level is constrictive go to folk object tide, regard immigrant as the Chinese of the group serious extruding, after for instance pure the Conservative Party of England cuts off, in illegal emigrant student studying abroad, it is investment even on immigrant, the Chinese got more or less the malpractice of constrictive immigrant.

With Greek for exemple, before this year 7 months arrive at Greek refugee to have 50 thousand people about, and annual arrived at gross of Yi La refugee to be 43500 people only 2014. Face grim with each passing day situation, greek Saluonijihua overseas Chinese of Chinese of initiative organization place carries business offer aid goods and materials to carry out humanitarian to come to help to local refugee, the goods and materials that donates this, all by Greek Saluoniji many 10 wholesale travel are offerred, article includes to make an appointment with knead dough of 500 pairs of 3000 dresses, shoes to include the provision such as biscuit. Greek refugee of China business help is not a case, although of a large number of refugees swarm into local Chinese and Chinese passenger to bring some inconvenience, be in Paris for example, chinese tourist often encounters rob and steal, the person that commit the crime theres is no lack of the illegal immigrant that comes from North Africa, and the refugee once inhabit a region, local is forced likely to leave. The refugee that was located in Milanese city last year accepts a center, when collecting life goods and materials to whole town, milanese China company is answered actively, chinese of Milanese overseas Chinese is versed in chamber of commerce is organized, the donation to the refugee endowment, mere China business of 3 hours place with respect to the dress 4 big case, sock and the shoe of 8 big case, send to refugee camp. 2013, british wheat overcomes shellfish Ci a feudal title of nobility conferred for meritorious service, in chairman of party of Zhejian

g of England of madam of foreign citizen of Chinese origin the support of Ci of shellfish of snow beautiful jade falls, set foot on the journey of 800 kilometers, for refugee raise donations of Syria, and the news that Ci of snow lotus shellfish helps the man in time, the interpreter becomes Chinese, pass to the network, got the support of numerous brigade Ying Hua's person. (Liu Yang of European Union observer)


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