Sell outside American man dot after receiving a money to remand, obtain eat freely 1 year

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Do you have had wanted to in what below what circumstance can you get one year wrap around freely Sa? Weekend of a man of American is when the home, outside was being ordered, send wrap around Sa and gallinaceous wing, doing not have those who think of to deliv

er is 1300 yuan of U.S. dollors however (add up to a RMB about 8288 yuan) . The ego that he is immersed in a heart for a time is at war in, nevertheless, still choose finally to still go back money; And this action obtains inn-keeper energetically favorable, and with a year wrap around freely Sa serves as redound.

Weekend of Wei Jiasi of a man of American is when the home, outside was being ordered, send wrap around Sa and gallinaceous wing, doing not have those who think of to deliver is 1300 yuan of U.S. dollors however.

Money of general of Wei Jiasi after the event returns sth to its origin owner.

According to " daily Post " 21 days of reports, a few days ago, be called Michael Wei Jiasi (Mike Vegas) the man made happily wrap around sell outside Sa and gallinaceous wing, plan to be spent well originally god-given off. But he discovers he wants to go to work actually suddenly, ate to wrap around only then Sa went out hurriedly. He returned the home at 5 o'clock in before dawn, take out gallinaceous wing to want to heat from freezer, did not think of to open a box to look, it is the two money that freeze crowded unexpectedly!

Through investigation, it is so outside the money miscarriage that the member that sell deliver goods will send a bank gives Weijiasi. Wei Jiasi also expresses: My mobile phone rang ceaseless all the time that day, but I busy the job, did not receive for nothing listen. He also calm bear, see two crowded when money special want possess oneself of, return specially online inquiry how should be everybody done; And most netizen wants him himself to staying to use, it is deliver goods then after all member careless mistake. But Weijiasi also is one wraps around when 16 years old the member that send outside Sa, be based on the heart that be the same as manage, he decides to return sth to its origin owner.

Wei Jiasi goes to fund return wrap around Sa inn, store manager thanks to him repeatedly, what put forward one year is free wrap around the privilege of Sa, express appreciative feeling with real operation. Wei Jiasi not only happy accept, after the event still is in types of facial makeup in operas (Facebook) go up to say for fun: I need to enter gym immediately!

Because of Weijiasi's honesty, let this gave black dragon incident to have the final result of everyone is happy.

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