Seize many 1700 especially dene with " Mohammedan country " concerned extreme element

The sound that occupies China " center wide news " report, occupy Saudi Arabia media 29 days to report, in 10 months in the past, feared a branch seizing name and 1740 Mohammedan countries to organize related extreme member in all instead especially dene.

Sand of cite of Arabia news bulletin is special the report of police says, element of extreme of this 1700 polynomial comes from 20 many countries respectively, among them sand spy person holds great majority, after close therewith is Yemen and Syrian.

Since this year, a series of assault that encountered Mohammedan country is initiated especially dene, the bomb of 3 suicide type that is aimed at mosque among them makes a surprise attack, cause the death of 40 much people that includes to fear a police inside instead especially dene in all. It is at present below the join forces blow of Iraq and Syrian authorities and the League of Nations, the vivosphere of Mohammedan country got squash badly, permeate to Iraqi neighbour Saudi Arabia gradually, had reduced the heavy disaster area that Mohammedan country organizes extremely especially dene. Analytic personage thinks, as Mohammedan country spill over of effect show, behavior characteristic and assault kind happen mutation possibly also subsequently, increase the difficulty that fears instead, worth while international society vigilance and take corresponding the way to deal with a situation.

After announcing Mohammedan country is horrible organization especially dene last year, say its are Mohammedan the oldest enemy, mohammedan country also pledges should undertake retaliation especially to sand, in its churchyard launchs assault, extreme organization carried out Mohammedan country a few cases to assault an activity in the terror with special sand after this. Analytic personage thinks, mohammedan country and sand become enemies especially, basically be the reason that has tripartite side, above all Mohammedan country wants to be in with sand spy contention religious position, because be in Mohammedan world to be in perch all the time especially dene, mohammedan country is organized extremely think to be weakened only and overturn sand spy political power, ability is possible the position in Mohammedan world him establish. It is abdicate Buddhist nun sends the Mohammedan country that be in the majority especially dene next, dan Jidong ministry is collected by what assorted leaf s

ends the ground, mohammedan country launchs the assault that sends mosque in the light of leaf of assorted of the eastpart part, the dweller that causes clique of local assorted leaf probably is mixed to governmental dissatisfaction be hostile to to what abdicate Buddhist nun sends, cause the conflict of religious sect then. The 3rd reason is to retaliate sand spy and United States to form an alliance, it is the ally with be in thalassic area the most important especially dene, and Mohammedan c

ountry and American at daggers drawn, because this is right,sand spy helper does not make a person accident.


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