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American scientist does not bathe 12 years everyday gush bacterium keeps clean (graph)

According to England " daily Post " will report on September 5, bathing is for the bilge on cleared body and bacterium originally, but Wei Ciluo overcomes the scientist Drive that is graduated from Masschusetts Institute of Technology (Dave Whitlock) do not bathe 12 years actually, he and. . .

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The shortest man becomes the world because auspicious is pneumonic die of illness height is only 54.6 centimeter (graph)

In report will occupy new network on September 6 outside intermediary report, the shortest man becomes the world of attestation of record of world of the Nisi that obtain auspicious auspicious Zhou Si belongs to Samoa archipelago in Pacific Ocean beauty a hospital dies of illness, all the year round is 75 years old. According to the report, of Nepalese book die at when auspicious pneumonic. . . .

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Argentine man captivity wife cage ever coerced the son eats dog food for years

Personage of message of Argentine judicial department says 5 days, duoaoweiduo is suspected of Argentine man Edward captivity wife and have the son that shuts disease oneself old, press still son eats dog food, absorb car tail gas, be arrested by police before today and face accusation. . .

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Brazilian Riode Janeiro produces accident of bus to turn over to send 14 dead 30 much people are injured

Xinhua net Riode Janeiro report will affirm 6 days according to branch of fire control of state of Brazilian Riode Janeiro on September 6, a bus pulled the base of a fruit in this city handkerchief that day accident of to turn over produces near city, cause death of at least 14 people, 30 much people are injured. The rescuer says. . .

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3 meters long boa climbs Australia in dweller closestool (graph)

Will report on September 5 according to daily Post, a few days ago, a

ustralia a 3 meters long python appears in Kun Shilan city in the closestool in home of a businessman, the businessman catchs anguine hand please Ailiaotebade will help catch this python, bader says: &ldq. . .

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Syria 3 years old of refugees " sleep deeply " what did beach world produce to affect change?

 On September 2, the Ai Lan of small refugee of library Er heart that comes from Syrian division Barney Cody (Aylan Kurdi) die the photograph spreads everywhere to the world quickly. In the photograph, year only the remains of Ai Lan of 3 years old is developed Turkey beach, below look out. . .

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Afghan north produces force to assault incident to cause 13 civilian death

Kabul message: According to local media coverage, baerhe saves Afghan north 5 days to happen to be aimed at civilian force to make a surprise attack together, cause 13 civilian death. The report points out, the armed element of a group of unidentified identity saved intercept in Baerhe that day. . .

2015-09-07 09:07 origin: ? Heir Lian?
The hall inside palace of 9 years old of birthday releases Ren Yinglai of leisurely of Japanese young prince princely bud is illuminated

According to Japan " daily news " will report on September 6, leisurely benevolence infante greeted the cornstalk of infante of Wen Ren of Japanese Qiu Xiao palace 6 days 9 years old birthday. Leisurely benevolence is in university of woman of Japanese drive boiled water at present accessary elementary school reads 3 year, report, live besides campus, leisurely benevolence. . .

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Comment: Why foreign aunt does not jump square dance

Square dance is some closer year will be in China, had become a mass campaign that has force extremely undoubtedly, on every limited square open space, be full of aunt father's elder brother of course, basically be an aunt. . .

2015-09-07 08:38 origin: ? Is border of play broadleaf plant inclined?
Class of Afghan tower benefit erupts with ISIS intense conflict at least 23 people die (graph)

In addition, conflict still brought about civilian casualties, destroyed a few buildings near accident scene.

2015-09-07 08:25 origin: ? A surname of  of fie of Juan scald in order to remove hairs or feathers?
Solid pat picture of spot of hostage of rescue of man of Brazilian blue garment to suffer shoot dead (graph / video)

Yesterday, happen before cathedral of Brazilian emperor Paul hold a gun the gangster hijacks hostage incident. Hostage is walked below the foot to want to give when shoot dead, uncle of one blue garment develops chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position from inside the crowd, be together with gangster scuffle, hostage is able to escape accordingly. Gangster subsequently by. . .

2015-09-06 16:57 origin: ? Contraction cowardly collate?
Korea one ship Chinese catalpa child accident of maritime space capsize is sent near the island 8 dead 10 more than person is missing

Xinhua net head Er on September 6 report (reporter Zhang Qing) according to ocean of Korea aid city guard security office 6 days of message, that day 6 when make 25 minutes, korea sea alarm in aid city Chinese catalpa child maritime space discovers dolphin date line fishing boat near the island (9.77 tons of class) bend. . .

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High level of group of mountain pass of the oldest sinister gang gives birth to Japan change police be ready in take action

According to day intermediary report, japanese police disclosed a few days ago, group of mountain pass of the oldest sinister gang was opposite this country recently 13 lineal group leaders inside the organization give the punish of disengage and expulsive division door. Mountain pass group. . .

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Philharmonic society of green peak of band of Korea new woman appears on Russia to fasten Jin Zhengen to found (graph)

England " daily telecommunications signs up for " the report will say the website on September 5, a brand-new Korea woman band comes on stage in Moscow appear. Say according to Korea government media, this band is founded by Jin Zhengen. Data picture: In the face of Muscovite show. . .

2015-09-06 11:09 origin: ? Comfort cangue  ⑼ ?
New York police and cateran gunfight open 84 guns to hit one gun only repeatedly

Occupy American media 5 days to report, bulukelin produced American new York a few days ago alarm bandit gunfight, final, police arrests cateran successfully. But constabulary marksmanship dare not make a person flatter really, after making 84 guns, just have the bandit in one pop eventually. Data. . .

2015-09-06 11:08 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Netizen of Japan of parade of China of direct seeding of Niconico of Japanese video website: Very shake

On the military review that commemorates Chinese war of resistance against aggression wins 70 years, world each country gave height attention and support, whole world each country witnessed Chinese military review through all sorts of means, include Japan to also pass the video website with the biggest homeland to China. . .

2015-09-06 10:50 origin: ? Heir Lian?
Accident of leak of blessing island nucleus already 4 years Japan encourages home of local dweller return

The intermediary outside occupying reports 6 days, after blessing island nuclear power plant produces leak accident 4 years, japan invites the home of return of dweller of leaf Ding that gets an effect. After the decontamination that Japan affects area to spread out by a definite date a few years to nuclear accident of beatification beatification island works, Xie Ding is head. . .

2015-09-06 10:09 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
CST-100 of airship of Boeing company business is named to be " interstellar plane "

The sound that occupies economy " the world finance and economics " report, american Boeing company announces, the commercial airship CST-100 that developing, already name formally interstellar plane. They will be loaded carry American astronaut to go back and forth between international space station. . .

2015-09-06 10:06 origin: ? ネ of discharge  Cui?
After tower auspicious overcomes Si Tan gunfight, secure armed forces shoots dead 13 gunman to arrest 32 people

 In inferior Ke Sitan of national tower auspicious explodes 4 days give undersecretary of department of defense to participate in terror, this will safe to this country situation causes impact. Tower president website releases an information 5 days, presidential Lahemeng discharges Abuduhali solemn. . .

2015-09-06 10:00 origin: Observer net
Germany asks Hungarian Poland opposes quota of refugee of European Union apportion

 Refugee tide is fiercer and fiercer, european country is not calm. The member of booth of associate of German requirement European Union with relatively full land settlement policy, and a few Eastern European countries object, gram of dimension of class of Er of Europe of Hungarian prime minister holds 3 days in the palm. . .

2015-09-06 09:19 origin: ? Paralysis of food container Bi?


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