Laiangnaduo is newest photograph exposure " male god " small Li Youshuai came back (graph)

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These two days, recreational group gave a big news that always is spoken to be not taken small gold person, extremely sad longer the small plum other people that jumps over incomplete is smart came back! Of course, it is purpo


The thing is such, on September 22, laiangnaduo attended the meeting outcome related an environmental protection, newest picture moment get about, everybody discovers he cuts off mustache surprizingly, changed hair style, very handsome!

This is unscientific!

Appear last time, namely this year July, he is long still such!

Will appear May, he is long still such!

So, xiaoli is when to begin after all, drip secretly hit still do I float bleach a fist?

Small make up so that tell you, all these is not accidental, also be the classic of years not just. Do not believe us to review the weight curve ~ that issues Xiaoli together

At the beginning, it is the ~ of dark reddish purple

Later face a little a few rounder, also be ~ of beautiful beautiful Da

Zun Tu was last year the Oscar of the beginning of the year, right graph was last year in June, look very normal, it is mustache lengthened just.

But arrive last year in July, moldered suddenly

Vermicelli made from bean starch people cried: Xiaoli ah Xiaoli, still be less than 40, you were dropped with respect to incomplete how hold!

On one page reads related indication full text of 12 on

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