Han comes to an agreement toward the dialog: Han stops face of propaganda to the enemy at the front line to remove exact war position

Xinhua News Agency head Er level of electric Han Chaogao will speak on August 25 local time 25 days of zero hour end 55 minutes, through be as long as marathon type of many hours 40 negotiates, bilateral multinomial matters concerned is reached consistent.

Han Chao includes 6 agreements content along with the joint communique of late watch: Han Chao decides for improvement north and south concerns, will be in as early as possible an Er or smooth soil hold the talk between government of north and south, drive much territory dialog and talk things over; Face just is opposite be related of soldier of Korea of injury of blast of explosion of thunder of virgin soil of hair of square a side of demilitarized area Han of face of the closest Han expresses a regret; Han Fang falls in the premise that happens without unusual situation, will from August 25 midday 12 when those who stop martial boundary to be taken is all propaganda to the enemy at the front line of pair of face enlarge tone; Face just will remove exact war position; Han Chao decides with the Mid-autumn Festival holds family member of disperse of north and south to reunite for chance this year activity, the talk works at the Red Cross is being held at the beginning of September before this; Han Chao decides the domain begins civilian communication in how.

Occupy the company in face 25 days to report, toward Han high level urgent contact comes 22 days 24 days to be held in board door inn, both sides sends two personages to attend the meeting each. Face just is represented is Korea secretary of committee of the Party Central Committee of labor of oath of Huang Bing of director of people army total the Political Bureau, Korea holds Jin Yangjian of minister of united front ministry concurrently, han square delegate covers with tiles for blueness room of room of stage state security grows to Jin Kuan is pressed down and unite ministerial Guan Hongrong bail. Face Han prevents martial conflict, development bilateral relationship undertook negotiation seriously, publish joint communique.

This month 4 days, han produces explosion twice toward square a side of demilitarized area Han, cause two Korea soldier to be weighed. Korea department of defense investigates a group to think, explosion ties government square mine be caused by, dan Chaofang grants in order to deny. In requital for, han Fang restarts propaganda to the enemy at the front line of tone of square to face enlarge. 20 days, han Jun monitors equipment to catch Chao Jun to the capital city and its environs to Korea the artillery shell that a doubt shoots to be bazooka near ripples plain county, subsequently Han Jun Xiang Chaojun fight back tens of artillery shell. That evening, korea leader Jin Zhengen commands Korea troops of people army frontline enters guard since 21 days of dusks.

21 days, korea offers to undertake high level speaks. Both sides begins to be in at 22 days subsequently Han Chao is attrib border the home of peace of square a side of Han of board door inn wait with respect to peninsula condition undertake consulting. (be stationed in an Er reporter Zhang Qing integratedly, be stationed in Guo Yina of smooth soil reporter, Liu Rui to report)

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Pan Jiwen welcomes Han to come to an agreement toward the dialog

U.N. of Xinhua News Agency on August 24 report (Shi Xiaomeng of reporter Ni Gongmei) U.N. secretary-general Pan Jiwen makes a statement 24 days, dialog of high level of greeting Korea and Korea comes to an agreement, agree to hold fixed talk to state height is admiring to both sides.

Office of U.N. secretary-general spokesman provided this statement that the Panjiwen that visitting in Nigeria publishs to media. Statement says, pan Jiwen admires Han Chao agrees to hold fixed talk in the agreement highly, hope talk can become what solve Korea peninsula effectively to may happen the mechanism of any problems.

Pan Jiwen still says in statement, he encourages family member of Han face disperse strongly to reunite w

ait for humanitarian measure to be able to not get politics and safe consideration restrict and hold regularly. The impetus that he hopes Han Chao speaks at the same time can promote the talk that solves face nucleus problem to restart.

Pan Jiwen emphasizes, implement the agreement that reached that day in the round crucial to the peace of Korea peninsula and stability. Regard U.N. as secretary-general, he will support Han Chao to cooperate all the time.

The Han Chaogao level that in Han Chao the home of peace of square a side of Han of inn of border board door holds speaks local time 25

days of before dawn end, both sides holds the talk between government of north and south, face to just remove exact war position, hold family member of disperse of north and south to reunite the multinomial matters concerned such as the activity comes to an agreement.


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