Go into battle of pants of t-shaped of cover of new special of Stellar of Korea female group is approved " ashamed without floor level " (graph)

Login register go into battle of pants of t-shaped of cover of new special of Stellar of female group of Korea of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to be approved " ashamed without floor level " (graph) origin: ? ?2015-08-24 10:3 of fie of Juan scald in order to remov

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According to Taiwan media coverage, female round Stellar gives Korea withdraw from a young league of classics of 4 single-page calendar, change member disturbance, continuously low fan. Till a few days ago because wear t-shaped pants bold open a leg to wave and cause heat to discuss, did not think of instead of big step on the line lets Stellar be opened at a heat famous degree. And Stellar of the middle ten days of a month will roll out new only music in July " Vibrato " , publicize 4 members in illuminating to defeat measure again, vent in the sides of a garment of dress red freeboard is improved type cheongsam, the private parts wears line t-shaped pants only, although be caused successfully,discuss, but the quarrelling sound is thick as hail also, approve ashamed without floor level. However they went up recently program of put together art, expose barefaced act is company strong demand unexpectedly.

New special cover is direct t-shaped pants go into battle, be approved ashamed without floor level

Stellar MV picture

Stellar group person is the closest be a guest " the person is really nice " program, suffer public opinion pressure to this paragraph of day a little, cannot help in the talk confess of the real situation, first degrees of refer wears t-shaped pants to enter the real case of lens. Member beautiful flower express, the company comes at the beginning really, strong demand they wear t-shaped pants in cheongsam of tall vent in the sides of a garment, appear on the stage to dance directly so even performance, dou Zhen Jing cannot accept all members, ceaseless protest plans to abandoned working for a time even. Finally is 19 ban (point to not full 19 years old prohibit watching. 19 years old are nominal age, solid for 18 years old. Observer net is noted) new song content make compromise, when patting MV to dance, change t-shaped pants the bikini with cover a bit more largish area swim pants, but cover is illuminated must not discuss, they or the t-shaped pants that wearing filament make it film.

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