Expert: Emigrant spark has needed 5 difficulty to go there and back two years to fear having partly go notting have time

Harbor intermediary says, american aerospace total arrange (NASA) 28 days of puissant evidence that announce to discover Martian surface has liquid state current to move, and this shows spark has the resource that can use for prospective traveler. But the expert reminds, the at least before the mankind lands spark should have entered 5 catastrophe to close first, should prove human

psychology and physiology can bear already at least is as long as two years of aerospace of half are itinerary, overcome even have go having the difficult problem that answer.

Atmosphere is rare water is harmful can send deformation

According to Hong Kong " bright newspaper " the website will report on September 30, NASA plans to took the place of to send star of suffer from excessive internal heat astronaut 2030, the liquid state water over there is expected to offer the mankind that lands spark to use, save the high cost that goes to spark by earthly use water. Liquid state water is usable still will decompose an oxygen, the problem that solves the mankind to absorb oxygen in spark (Martian air bases is carbon dioxide) . The oxygen that moisture solves and hydric make rocket fuel possibly still.

Nevertheless, the mankind cannot water of direct and drinkable spark. NASA expert says, its are salty degree taller than earthly ocean. When Zheng Yongchun of deputy researcher of observatory of country of the Chinese Academy of Sciences accepts media to visit, say, martian water contains perchloric acid salt, harmful to human body, can destroy children development, cause deformation. Nevertheless Zheng Yongchun says, at present already some a variety of advanced handle and use what purify water technology to be expected to apply at Martian water circularly above. He still says, the one major premise that cultivates in spark is to let edaphic desalination. NASA countersign grows Gelunsifeierde to say, martian air is extremely rare, the plant grows hard, but people can be built aerate small-sized conservatory will cultivate.

So, does the mankind still have many from emigrant spark far? NASA planet science is in charge of Glyn to say to return need very very much, old. He says, registering spark is not sky adventure, we

send a person to want to study all things over there first to the front of every place.

Registering spark is not sky adventure

Carat of Australia astronomy rocksy is overcome (Jonathan Clarke) say, the mankind should land Martian at least to must satisfy 5 gist element, besides above mention feed water and fuel supply, in small gravitational force outside the activity in anoxic environment, also should consider how to make may be like Boeing greatly the aircraft safety of 737 planes lands.

He says, astronaut still needs to overcome long-distance range and life pressure, because with at present the technology wants 6 months toward spark by the earth, after landing, the earth should is less than in gravitation the environment of 38% lingers one year half, await spark and earth to be in the orbit position that suits to answer boat, spend 6 months return trip again. From spark emissive spacecraft returns the earth is one great difficulty more, fill unknown number.

American NASA will be held in Washington headquarters partly at 11 o'clock 28 days morning local time urgent press conference, announce the major discovery that is in spark. The outside believes, NASA will announce to discover on spark microbial, or its have evidence of liquid state water, also somebody figures NASA discovers biology in spark.


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