Beautiful intermediary: Russia develops resource Japan in Nanhai together more from by assistance

Reference news net will report beautiful intermediary says on September 11, russia and Japanese politics concern become cold, but this is in Chinese Nanhai area to act together without influence both sides.

The website of phonic broadcasting station that occupies the United States will report on September 10, japanese company will be mainland of Vietnam of pilot of tycoon of Russia the sources of energy to wear exploration of artesian well of oil gas project. Exploration place is located in Nanhai dominion inside the limits of open to question area.

The report says, the Japanese marine artesian well that oily company of Luo Sishi of tycoon of the sources of energy of Russia government pilot pursues marine exploration business together several days ago (JDC) company signed cooperative agreement. The platform of marine artesian well that this Japan company will use him 2016 is Luosishi in Southern China oily company is in the energy project cut of Vietnam two prospect pit.

Xie Qin of president of oily company company expresses Luo Sishi, the Japanese associate that Russia just welcomes to have high-tech from beginning to end participates in the project development of the company. The exploitation of th

e sources of energy that both sides signs and exploration project contract are in Russia not only churchyard, expanded now Asia-Pacific area. Luo Sishi oily company is the tycoon of the sources of energy of Russia, also be at the same time export Russia petrolic to China main supplier. Xie Qin is the cater-cousin of general Beijing and trusted follower, ever held the position of director of general Beijing office for a long time.

The report says, company of industry of Russia natural gas, the tycoon of the sources of energy such as Luo Sishi oily company has the energy project that cooperates with Vietnam in Nanhai area.

Scholar of problem of Russia southeast Asia blocks Nayefu to say, china and Vietnam are the strategic associate of Russia. In the collaboration that is the same as Vietnam, russia will be very careful, won't stimulate China.

Kanayefu: Nanhai question is right the sense is great for China. Russia may not can adopt a few movements to make China malcontent in this respect. Incorporate did not send a warship to place in Russia, in the dominion conflict of concerned Nanhai problem, russia avoids to make known one's position as far as possible.

The report says, scholar of problem of China of a few Russia discloses, when they and the Chinese academia that have official background communicate, chinese scholar sells advanced weapon to Vietnam in great quantities in the light of Russia, and Russia energy company participates in Nanhai the problem such as the development of oil gas resource of open to question area expressed dissatisfaction.

Russia media discloses recently, besides sell to China revive - besides 35 opportunity for combat, after Vietnam also is regarded as a platoon to be in China by Russia revive - the potential buyer of 35 opportunity for combat.

The report says, moxiakefu says learned man of problem of Russia southeast Asia, russia is the same as the long-standing of collaboration of the sources of energy of Vietnam, vietnam army is

using Russia Russia weapon all the time, russia won't forgo the profit in Vietnam.

The scholar blocks Nayefu to think, the situation that Russia and Vietnam reinforce the sources of energy to add up to oppose to stabilize Nanhai area is favorable. Kanayefu says: Since 1981, russia has developed the resource of Nanhai area with Vietnam collaboration exploration, both sides established joint-stock company for this in those days. Because this can say, russia has his interest in Nanhai area. But also explain fitly on the other hand, russia does not hope the condition of Nanhai area is exasperate absolutely, make oneself interest is damaged.

The report says, jeff of Wei of heart of Russia premier plum and other and senior official were visited early or late recently open to question south 1000 islands archipelago, namely the north that Japanese place weighs 4 islands, japan protests to Russia expression is malcontent, cause Russian day to concern to be immersed in trough again. But be in between Russian day a few otherer the collaboration of the domain was not affected it seems that.

The report says, japan develops Nanhai resource besides help Russia outside, both sides also tries to cooperate further on problem of development far east. Russia media says, on the conference of Oriental economy forum that just concludes, although Chinese delegacy scale is large, attend an official much, but because at present ruble devalues to cause Russia asset value with economic crisis,reduce, japanese business circles looks be interested more than China go to Russia far east invests.


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