Beautiful day Han unscrambles 2015 Korea to make the same score member of rostrum of focusing of soil big parade thick and fast

The masses of city of soil of military review peace that to celebrate Korea labor party establishs 70 years is processional Korea party, country and military top leader the speech of Comrade Jin Zhengen. 11 days, korea " labor news " the article that inscribe print is with this in front page, the parade upsurge that continues 10 days. That day " labor news " come infrequently from 8 edition enlarge 12 edition, concern with parade completely almost, published chromophotograph exceeds 30 pieces.

Party of congratulatory Korea labor establishs masses of city of soil of military review peace 70 years to parade 10 days afternoon 3 when in Jin Richeng square is held ceremoniously. Korea is highest leader Jin Zhengen leads Korea leader of party card army is attended, greet guest music when (in Korea only the ability when top leader attends an activity is performed) when ringing, spot number masses cheers one piece, liu Yun hill makes the Chinese leader that having a visit in Korea give priority to guest to appear beside Jin Zhengen.

Jin Zhengen publishs an address, korea people army Li Yongji of chief of the general staff holds the position of military review commander in chief, suffer read square line of personnel and weapon day of ordinal course gold becomes square, square line of square team of Liukong having the of great capacity, preliminary labor square group, female arms square group, cavalry square team, tank square brigade, panzer square team, radar square group, unmanned aircraft square group, long-range missile, meantime, there still is aircraft square group to flit in sky. Whole military review lasted 2 hours, after military review ends, jin Zhengen is circled advocate parade ceremony stage to all around masses waves present one's compliment, the spot erupts again enthusiastic hurrah. Meantime, " round-the-world times " the hand that the reporter observes Jin Zhengen is grasping Liu Yun Shan twice is lifted together present his compliment to masses to the middle of sky, accept jointly cheer.

That evening 8 when 30 minutes, golden day held party of congratulatory Korea labor ceremoniously to establish youths of parade of young pioneer torch 70 years into square, follow great party advances courageously!

Korea takes this found a party seriously 70 years to celebrate an activity very much, keep secret working with security is meticulous more to extremely. 9 days night 7 when, " labor news " external affairs ministry the staff member calls make a reporter certain await mobile announcement in branch agency, but till 10 days in the morning 8 when the reporter just receives phone announcement, let head for guesthouse of ovine horn island to assemble immediately, after hurrying to venue, reporter discovery already had a lot of reporters to await over. As we have learned, shared many 150 reporter that comes from world each country to attend to be celebrated this interview. Midday 12 when 30 minutes, begin to install check toward square announcement, every reporter should affirm through the identity, person is checked and interview equipment to examine 3 processes that install check, how does the course unite the bus that ascends go to court to just be arranged

after check. After arriving at Jin Richeng square, the ability after reporters get off repass installs check 3 times same is secured to cover an area by admit.

11 days, CNN website publishs Korea to initiate epic video of 2 minutes of of kind of parade 44 seconds, its the row is in the first of the video that must watch. The ABC says, the expert is staring at smooth soil parade closely, try to discover new martial hardware, this may be the signal that Korea military strength develops.

Han couplet company is designed focusing square rostrum. The report says, korea is on the right side of Jin Zhengen oath of Huang Bing of director of people army total the Political Bureau, undersecretary of committee of the Party Central Committee

of labor of the little sister of Long Hai of Cui of secretary of labor the Party Central Committee, Jin Jinan and Jin Zhengen, Korea gold and also ascending rostrum to watch military review, but Jinyongna of chairman of committee of standing of top people conference did not show Korea personally.

Korea " central daily " think, without discovery Korea has the sign that fires long-range rocket, this makes a person gratified. What Japanese joint company pays close attention to most is Korea holds big parade, jin Zhengen did not allude nuclear research and development. The BBC emphasizes, notable is, in speech content, jin Zhengen did not allude nuclear fierce or missile trial fire, also do not have pair of Han to indicate position toward concern progress. He alludes for many times people and economy of the people's livelihood, should establish for oneself of purpose it seems that cherish one's fellow citizen figure, portray system of organization stable atmosphere.

Western media reports most is this one part in Jin Zhengen speech: With the beautiful emperor with aggression and self-dramatizing war, want to start the war of any forms, we will give make do. I am in this is earnest announce, to defend the safety of the sky of the motherland and people, we already made preparation of nice perfectly sound. The United States " los angeles times " the analysis of accept of senior researcher Cline says cite tradition foundation, large-scale showing military strength is a kind of pattern that shows Korea disregards international pressure. The report says, korea is right of the United States be anxious to did not change from beginning to end. Truce agreement is signed after Korea war, but did not reach peaceful pact. Smooth soil still regards the United States as the foe, think its are opposite in the martial base of Korea Korea is minatory. [round-the-world times is stationed in week of reporter of engage by special arrangement of specially appointed of Korea, Japan like that Li Zhen Na Su]

(original title: Beautiful day Han unscrambles member of rostrum of focusing of smooth soil big parade thick and fast)

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