Australia men of 5 flying car party queue up to buy ice cream to be arrested together

Australia Kun Shilan city 5 men queue up to buy ice cream together, arrest unexpectedly and be accused illegal assembly. 28 days, the court overrules this one case.

Accident in January 2014, this 5 people are going vacationing in Australian gold coast with family at that time. But because their status is special, it is member of faction of party of a flying car, and according to Kun Shilan the city sets, to including faction of party of a few flying cars inside illegal organiza

tion, if its 3 be in to 4 members public gather, belong to break the law. Accordingly, this 5 people are arrested, by police take into custody the two ability after week obtain bail.

The court is in know business how a thing happened from beginning to end and after police fails to provide any guilty evidence, overrule a case. The lawyer Bierboci of 5 people says with mocking ground snout outside the court: Their only sin surges rise high in public Mai Bing namely. Heart new company reports, government of Lanzhou of elder brother person is examining this to oppose law of faction of flying car party afresh. (Xinhua News Agency is small stalk

of grain especially)

(Original title: Bay 5 men buy ice cream to be arrested together be to fly by doubt car party meeting)


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