American shop sells " ghost any of several hot spice plants " form of life and death is signed before ice-cream power eats extremely by force

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Delicate ice-cream has appeared very long, but ice-cream without which kind of ice-cream any of several hot spice plants resembling ghost that kind is hot. This ice-cream is hot form of a life and death must be signed before eat to you.

This ice-cream helps China city especially in the United States the The Ice Cream Store of beach sells Lihuobosi, wear for fundamental be mingled with with sweetgrass flavour there is the chili on the world in the ice-cream of strawberry sauce stripe. This kind of chili is too hot, power is extremely strong, indian villager people besmear it on crawl drive even elephant.

The basis helps the report of Delaware Online of website of China city news especially, this kind of ice-cream at the beginning mouthfeel was full of deep full-bodied sweetgrass flavour, still contain the sweet taste of a silk, but be replaced by a glowing bow wave immediately subsequently. Ice-cream contriver Chip Hearn says, he does not hope somebody chooses ice-cream of ghost any of several hot spice plants or grandma former time, this just publicizes stunt, arouse the curiosity of people. If somebody wants wildly to try, after coming to an end, they can nod a kind of common ice-cream to fall for mouth again drop in temperature.

The employee of ice-cream inn can send at least 200 s

ample every week. Hearn says: It can discuss after people has been tasted, this is a kind of game. Chili is the special skill of Hearn, he still is running a pepper sauce store that the name is Peppers.

Hearn still discloses, in the past the ice-cream of bitter taste in a few years already more and more welcome. Aztec chocolate taste is, this ice-cream joins chocolate syrup, cassia bark, chili, black chocolate in sweetgrass taste piece, and earth up a root with what pepper sauce souse passes, it sells simply in this summer mad. Still having an ice-cream that sells very well is Stifler S Mom, this name comes from the film " the United States is sent " a medium part, this brown herb joined chili, sweet hickory and caramel in ice-cream.

But these ice-cream cannot be mixed ice-cream of ghost any of several hot spice plants is compared, avoid in what before eating, you must sign form of a similar life and death duty statement. Of 18 years old of the following children and parents of 65 years old of old person need of above, legal guardian or doctor agree. Drunk wine and the person that had gotten an injury do not allow edible, woman of pregnant woman, lactation, suffer from erect the male etc of functional obstacle is serious the person of the disease also cannot edible.

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