Accident of much detonate blast sends 90 people of death of 50 much people to get hurt Nigeria

Xinhua net Lagesi report will report 21 days according to Nigeria media on September 21, metropolis of city of rich Er Nuo strides Duguli 20 days to produce several detonate flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil late the Buddhist nun, cause death of 50 much people, 90 people are injured.

Local police says, blast of the first detonate happens in a mosque, people is doing prayer over; Blast of the 2nd detonate happens in a small-sized shopping centre, blast of the 3rd detonate happens in playroom of a game. The person that hurt at present already was sent toward local hospital to accept cure, dead number may rise further.

Still allege without any organizations or individual at present made explosion assault incident. But the report says, assault is doubt the member place that seems an extreme to organize rich division bethel is.

Rich division bethel held water 2004, this organization armed personnel is frequent haunt Nigeria and area of Cameroon north border on, carry out violent hor

ror to make a surprise attack. According to statistic, since 2009, already had at least 1. 50 thousa

nd person is killed by rich division bethel. This year Feburary, nigeria, Cameroon, Niger, Chad, Benin announces to establish the multilateral unit of a 8700 people, to Bo Kesheng the ground carries out a military affairs to hit.

(Original title: Much detonate blast sends 50 much people to die Nigeria)


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