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In report will occupy new network on October 26 report of website of science and technology of Chinese national defence, recently Russia A Moore - in all manufacturer of black town aviation (it is branch of Su Huoyi company now) of PAK F

A(T-50-5) of battleplan of the 5th after finishing overhaul the Five Dynasties fly first, catastrophe failure ever appeared because of engine fire accident before this machine, bring about schedule of trial of flight of PAK FA project to defer not under a year.

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T-50-5 plane is in Amuer - in all production of manufacturer of black town aviation, finished on October 27, 2013 head fly, 18-20 day flew to Muscovite city in November 2013 flight academy undertakes Geluomofu experiment jointly. On June 10, 2014, the T-50-5 plane India delegate in Si Jicheng of eat division husband advances to fly all right when the performance, as a result of the fire accident on the right side of engine, occurrence catastrophe failure. The plane returns Amuer - in all black town is repaired, got new name T-50-50R.

The rehabilitate of T-50-50R used Amuer - in all the airframe of the T-50-6 flight prototype that manufacturer of black town aviation stops to produce (produced the experiment prototype T-50-6-1 that does not fly and flight prototype T-50-6-2) later.

T-50-5 plane accident may bring about schedule of trial of flight of PAK FA project to defer not under a year. (Zhang Hui)

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