Russia desire additional " group group " hit " Mohammedan country " ?

Login register Russia of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian desire additional " group group " dozen " Mohammedan country " ? Origin: ? Salary  ?2015-09-28 19:4Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 1 Http:// channel

Report will occupy xinhua net Beijing on September 28 end of client of Xin Huaguo border reports Xinhua News Agency, local time 28 days, the capital of Russia president general that enters U.N. series activity in new York will cite guild interview with American president Aobama, syrian crisis or become both sides to emphasize discussion content.

Latter, concerned Russia establishs blow to organize the tendercy with Mohammedan allied country to cause each attention extremely in Iraq and Syrian and other places. General Beijing emphasizes 27 days when accepting American media to interview, russia does not plan to expedite ground armed forces to Syria.

Meanwhile, personage o

f Russia army message says, russia, Syria, Iran and Iraqi Shikoku are building the information center that aims to coordinate blow horror to organize Mohammedan country in Bagdad.

Syrian army (data chart)

3 months are in the every other of director advantageous position of this center the rotate between afore-mentioned Shikoku. According to the consensus that reachs at present, future each task that 3 months will direct this center by Iraq.

The expert points out, of information center build the blow level that means Shikoku to be organized to Mohammedan country to will enter new level, the western united army that efficiency leads prep above United States.

Analytic personage thinks, the main function of this center will be the information that concerns situation collect, processing, integratedly with area of analytic middle east, gist is to hit Mohammedan country to organize. After these information pass an analysis, will be conveyed the give advice ministry of a

fore-mentioned Shikoku army.

In addition, on the foundation of this information center, return the committee that will establish military affairs of a harmonious Shikoku to act.

Ba Sha Er and general Beijing

International problem expert expresses, the consensus that Muscovite, Bagdad, Damascus and Teheran reach is international of beat back of solidarity of area each country what stride on terroristic road is important one pace.

Russia general lists admire of Alexander of associate professor of politics of war of university of Han Nuofu economy to think even Jiyefu, of this center hold water make clear, shikoku takes information seriously to ensure and will organize to Mohammedan country spread out information antagonism, hold water to return Mohammedan country newly allied.

Russian home Du Ma prevents Fulangcikelincaiweiji of Wu committee committee member to think, prospective United States won't join this one orgnaization, because show the American other in a planned way with malcontent political power to Syria.

Afore-mentioned evidence make clear, russia does not plan to expedite ground armament to Syria at present, but can adopt the form that establishs alliance with country of middle east area, participate in blow horror to organize.

Data chart

Bureau of Russia president news says 26 days, beijing of Russian president general and sanded especially kingly Sa Leman understand a telephone call, discussed cooperation to hit Mohammedan state etc horror organizes an issue.

Both sides is emphasized discussed to concern search Syrian condition to solve the way, problem that to hit Mohammedan state etc horror organization has effective international club.

Iraq analyses a personage to express, come from the menace that Mohammedan country organizes to make do, iraqi army officer spreads out information and safe collaboration in Bagdad and Russia, Iran and Syria. However, what this action may cause American government is anxious.

Because new allied meeting gifts,Moscow is in middle east area more consequence. Russia already intensified intervening Syria condition a few weeks recently, and the United States fears Russia strengthens the military affairs on Syrian territory to exist.

Beijing of Russia president general

Analytic personage thinks, russia because the crisis and United States and European Union are immersed in Wukelan to oppose badly, be too busy problem of attend to Syria. As Wukelan condition drops in temperature somewhat, europe gets tired of deal with serious refugee tide, the United States hits Mohammedan state alliance is immersed in not lukewarm not igneous situation, the Russia that vacates a hand considers the west to hit the likelihood after Mohammedan country is procurable to create pressure to Syrian government on one hand, consider oneself to may be elbowed out further in the position of middle east by on the other hand, because this begins a consideration,another team that hits Mohammedan state is established in middle east.

The United States and Russia establish blow horror confederation to have respectively in middle east area think severally, and area country also has demand not to wish to displease both sides to these two big countries, in because this also can agree,joining the turn overing of Russia edition to fear allied army. Before long in the future, or the new phase that occurrence work along both lines hits Mohammedan state. (reporter Zhao Yue, client of Xin Huaguo border carries a story)

(original title: Russia desire does other group group make Mohammedan state? )

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