International oil price this week goes up greatly crude oil of about 9% United States closes at 11 weeks of perch

According to Reuter report, oil price Zhou Wuji keeps balance originally, hand in deliver shock, because trade

,business is being supplied still it is good that message of superfluous negative and main area and amount of platform of American artesian well reduce this one profit the 6th week continuously between the message balance.

American crude oil closes go up 0.2 dollars, sign up for every pails of 49.63 dollars, for the price of since highest closing quotation end July, crude oil receives Bulante drop 0.4 dollars, sign up for 52.65 dollars.

Although Zhou Wu Bulante crude oil drops, dan Bulan is special crude oil and American crude oil this week all goes up greatly about 9% , record so that 6 weeks the biggest week went up in the past.

The data that Zhou Wu publishs shows, american energy company reduces amount of artesian well platform the 6th week continuously, be since June the longest drop situation, show low oil price makes continuously oily look forward to reduces exploration activity.

Oil serves company Baker Hughes to have say in the report that gets attention in its, in up to will become on October 9 reduced platform of 9 artesian well, your amount of platform of total artesian well falls reach 605.

A few trade business says, canada and reductive of crop of shale oil of Ba Ken area were anxious to be offerred to American crude oil prop up.

I think, stem from this kind to be anxious, new price is crude oil of market general United States more Atlantic [1.26% capital grind newspaper] crude of basin other social estate is tall. Firm couplet collects estate (ICAP) oil agency and commodity expert Scott Shelton say.

He says, coming to be anxious to return then is a fact, observe again even.

Some earlier moment market rises kinetic energy is driving, federal of the United S

tates before this lays in council (FED/ beautiful couplet store) the conference record that Zhou Si announces makes clear, the interest rate that implements nearly 10 years than anticipating the policymaker of many agrees to maintain is fixed.

A personage of the message inside course of study tells a road to appear, will keep crude oil yield in September especially dene changeless. The one share that this country protects market share strategy carries yield namely in higher level.


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