Indian man is confirmed to die before autopsy a few minutes by the doctor come to

The intermediary outside occupying reports, i

ndia is confirmed by doctor mistake the man that has died, in before autopsy a few minutes of come to.

This name 45 years old of men are stood to faint in the bus by discovery, doctor examination announces he dies after his pulse. Officer of presiding medical treatment bids the employee moves the body directly room sending encoffin, did not allow room of body park urgent disease 2 hours by the regulation.

When the courtyard just prepares autopsy, the worker discovers the man's abdomen rises and fall, he

has rediscover breath, immediately informs a doctor, after this man come to.

Official of presiding medical treatment is suspected of to conceal fault, dead report tear to shreds of the man, delete ward record again, police requirement courtyard just spreads out grind dispatch.


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