Group of nation of Iranian women football because 7 players are not complete female to be suspended qualification

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Dispatch of new wall bulletin occupies the message of media of Arabia of people net cite, group of nation of Iranian women football has 7 players to be not complete female.

Peninsula TV station explodes between the evening report a day ago makings, iran is sufficient assist medical treatment committee announces formally, because difficult differentiate is male,be female, suspend group of nation of 7 women football membership. This committee expresses at the same time, after sexual distinction affirms finally, they still can return team to play the game.

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Report, problem of sexual distinction of player of Iranian women football is not new issue, be in early ever had appeared 2008, leader of one football club and two female coaches confirm Iran at that time there is male player in women football team, but Iran is sufficient assist try to deny to this. Last year, england " daily telecommunications signs up for " publish an article to say, there are 4 male players in Iranian women football, subsequently Iranian general discharge of this 4 people. At that time, iran is sufficient assist Aihamaidehashenmian says chief of medical affairs commission, if those (male) it is good that the person can pass method of certain medical treatment to solve sexual problem solve sexual problem thoroughly, we also welcome them to join women football rank afresh.

Several days ago, the Arabic website of Arabia TV station ever also was announced, an official that approachs Iranian league matches says: (8 pla

yers) had been effectiveness of Iranian women football, their metamorphic operation still is done not have complete. Although this official does not have the name that discloses the

m, but he expresses to there is some of person in these players the professional career before this is to regard the male as the player, the ability when effectiveness nation group discloses his sexual distinction recently.

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