Flower pull sue Thailand total chief procurator: Processing rice is bought case have break evenhanded

Thailand ex-premier Yinglaxinawa mentions 29 days to the court criminal lawsuit, office of accusation Thailand total chief procurator handles rice of her place experience to buy case break evenhanded from time to tome.

I come here, it is to be inside legal frame exercise my right, flower pull the criminal court in capital Bangkok to tell media the reporter.

Flower the indictment that pull is maintained, thailand total chief procurator and its group commit derelict crime and collude with stretch do harm to at her. The indictment is listed 3 accusation, once forensic court decision holds water, corresponding total penalty is imprisoned to 10 years for 6 months.

Her legal group is same the day makes a statement, the key oppugns office of total chief procurator the opportunity that charge flower pulls, begin before impeach flower is pulled one hour in Boule namely. Press their view, office of total chief procurator does not have pair of evidence and witness to spread out sufficient postmortem at that time.

Statement still points out, total chief procurator is aimed at flower the prosecution that pull increased the 60 thousand page that does not include in indictment of Thailand anti-corruption orgnaization to charge stuff.

Office of total procuratorial work denies accusation subsequently. An official that divides Guan Ying to drag case investigation tells Reuter the reporter, check Fang Bingchi is direct and open manner processing rice is bought case, nonexistent bossy behavior.

Whether can be temporary not clear court accepted flower the prosecution that pull.

Flower pull it is 48 years old, became on Thailand history first female prime minister in August 2011. In December 2013, thailand congress is disbanded, flower pull a government to become guard government. Second year May, thailand constitution court adjudicates, remove flower the job that pulls guard premier. Subsequently, the government that

the army supports appears on the stage, army commanding officer cling to Yo occupies abstruse difference to take up the post of new allow premier


This year in January, flower pull establish law parliament impeach by Thailand, must not take up a political career inside 5 years. In Feburary, office of Thailand total chief procurator mentions formally to the supreme court in the light of flower the criminal lawsuit that press, in accusing she buys an item in the rice during taking up the post of a premier, disobey criminal law and embezzle a law instead, create finance be in debt and food excessive hoard for speculation. According to estimation, rice buys a project to cause Thailand finance deficit to restrain 16 billion dollar.

Flower pull firm call oneself innocence. If accusation holds water, she may be highest be sentenced 10 years to imprison. (Liu Gongxia) (stalk of grain especially border client carries Xin Huaguo)


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